Dynamic configurations that automatically adapt to every end-user’s IBM Notes client are a basic requirement for flexible and scalable management of IBM Notes/Domino environments.

Two examples:

    • Adding the public names and address book to the workspace of every end user:
      Without a dynamic configuration, one MarvelClient Action would have to be created for each and every mail server.
      Using a dynamic configuration, it is just one Action that automatically adapts to every end-user’s mail server according to the current location of each user.
    • Backing up client data to a network drive into a sub-directory “operation system username” – here, too, a variable is needed.

To fulfill such requirements, MarvelClient provides so called References and Placeholders:

References can be used universally in virtually any Action and Condition in the Configuration database and are resolved PRIOR TO THE EXECUTION of an Action.
NOTE that if resolving a reference fails, the respective Action and any Action referencing this Action will NOT be executed.
Also note that ini: and env: references never fail but return an empty string ("" without quotes) if a variable is not set.

Examples for References
<notes:um_server>Resolves the user's home/mail server via NameLookup (fallback = mailserver in current location) when executing an Action or resolving a Condition
<notes:version_major>Resolves the major version of the Notes client, e.g. 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.
<ini:Location>Resolves the notes.ini variable "Location"
<env:Computername>Resolves the operating system environment variable "Computername"



Placeholders are primarily used for generic notes.ini variables (e.g. MC_DB=%notes_homeserver%!!panagenda\panagenda.nsf) and for a handful of special Actions in the Configuration database (e.g. Backup, Roaming, and Location Actions).
Placeholders are replaced when reading a corresponding notes.ini entry, respectively DURING THE EXECUTION of an Action.
NOTE that if resolving a placeholder fails, the respective Action is still executed.

Examples for Placeholders
%notes_homeserver%Used to generically point each user to her/his respective mail server for the MarvelClient Configuration database in notes.ini, e.g. MC_DB=%notes_homeserver%!!panagenda\panagenda.nsf
%LOOKUP_MAILFILE%Used to lookup a user's mailfile path in the public adressbook