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What is Notes client management? What does MarvelClient do?

Client management is what allows administrators to centrally control and monitor Notes and Nomad client settings, behavior, and UI elements for all their end-users. Desktop, bookmarks, applications, locations, connections, notes.ini, local replicas, and more: Anything and everything can be configured automatically and continuously, without the end-user having to do anything.

MarvelClient does this via an adaptive approach. You create overlapping sets of actions that define the outcome you want, which then gets tailored and applied to each user and device individually.

With this, you can provide the perfect setup from the first start, as well as change anything and everything for up-and-running clients. Actions can run once, or apply persistently to ensure a configuration is self-healing, returning to the desired state on every restart. You can manage as much or as little as you want. Whether it is only a single setting or the layout of the entire desktop; all is possible, with fine-grained control. Actions can be limited to users, groups, device types, locations, or hundreds of other possibilities.

In addition, you get detailed data on every aspect of your clients and devices. You can plan your projects based on real data, monitor your progress, and measure success.

What is HCL Nomad?

HCL Nomad is a Notes client for mobile devices and web browsers.

With it, you can use Notes applications natively on any of the supported platforms.

Which platforms and devices does HCL Nomad support?

HCL Nomad is available on iOS devices (phones and tablets), Android devices (phones and tablets), and a specific set of desktop web browsers including Firefox and Chrome.

Where can I get HCL Nomad?

HCL Nomad for iOS and Android is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

HCL Nomad Web is configured by your Domino administrator and installed on a corporate server. Once it's been installed, you can use it by simply opening a standard web URL in a supported desktop browser.

How much does MarvelClient for Nomad cost?

MarvelClient is included in HCL Nomad for free, although the free MarvelClient functionality differs across the different platforms. For details, please see MC for Nomad Licensed Features

What do I need to get started?

On your devices: Just Nomad itself. MarvelClient is built-in, available from the get-go.

On your servers:

  • If you already have a MarvelClient installation: nothing! Just run an OnlineUpdate to get to the latest version and you can manage Nomad from your existing databases.
  • If you are new to MarvelClient: All you need to do is use the installer to deploy the MarvelClient Config and Analyze databases (manual install is also possible), and then configure any actions you want.

See our Setup guide for more information, or also this guide from HCL.

How do I work with MarvelClient for Nomad?

In the MarvelClient Config database, you configure actions and use conditions and access control to make sure the right actions apply to the right users at the right time.

It works pretty much the same as on rich clients; you even use the same databases on your servers, with the same actions and runtimes for both. Though it might be wise for some action types to have separate settings for the different target platforms.

Nomad is simply treated as a normal Notes client, just on another platform. Using the new platform selection interface, you can choose which actions should run on rich clients, Nomad, or both.

How does MarvelClient for Nomad differ from MarvelClient for normal Notes clients?

Due to the nature of the platform, some functionality is not available. An example would be the RunProgram action, which you can’t use on iOS. Also, some runtimes behave a bit differently.

You can see the platform and OS limitations of each action in the MC Config database.

But, by and large all major features from the included MarvelClient modules work as they do on the rich client.

There are also some Nomad-specific features available, like managing the Recent Apps page.

I already am a MarvelClient customer. What does this mean for me?

It doesn’t change anything for your existing MarvelClient installation.

The feature scope that is included for free with Nomad is limited to mobile platforms, so it does not affect what is available on your Windows/Mac rich clients. It only adds a few new devices and platforms on which you can manage Notes clients.

If you decide to also use MarvelClient for managing Nomad clients, you do so from your existing Config and Analyze databases. Should those databases have non-default paths, you might need to configure Nomad so it can find them. See our Setup guide for more information, or also this guide from HCL.

I do not yet use MarvelClient. Can I still use MarvelClient for Nomad?

Yes! It is free for all HCL Nomad customers.

Can I use MarvelClient Essentials and MarvelClient for Nomad at the same time?

Yes. You use the same set of MarvelClient Config and Analyze databases to work with both versions of MarvelClient.

See our Setup guide for more information, or also this guide from HCL.

Where can I get support for MarvelClient for Nomad?

If you are a paying MarvelClient customer, you can contact panagenda support here.
HCL is handling support for other users of MarvelClient for Nomad, you can contact them here.