Our consultants work directly with our development to ensure the fastest possible resolution to your service requests. In order to assist you as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to provide the following information depending on the respective solution:



When submitting a new ticket to support@panagenda.com please attach a zipped version of a representative panagenda MarvelClient working directory  (including log.xml, actions.xml and the temp subdirectory). In most cases we do *not* need a copy of your actual config and analyze databases

Further information for Microsoft Windows:

The panagenda working directory can be found in the users’ AppData\Local directory (%localappdata%).


NT 4.0, Windows 2000, XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\panagenda\marvel

Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10:

Note: The working directory can be modified by setting notes.ini MC_WorkingDirectory.

Note: The log.xml file is locked while the client is running. Either copy and paste this file or close Notes before zipping the folder.

Further information for Mac OS 64Bit:

On Mac OS 64Bit systems, the working directory can be found under /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/panagenda.

Further information for Linux and Mac OS 32Bit:

On Linux and Mac OS 32Bit machines, the Working Directory is located in /tmp/panagenda/marvel.



All required information is included in the diagnostics export zip-file. This can be opened by selecting the About dialog of GreenLight.

Step 1) Open the About dialog using either of these ways:

  • Click the GreenLight logo on the login screen OR
  • If already logged in, click Help in the top right corner of the screen OR
  • If already logged in, right-click the top or bottom menu bar and select “About GreenLight …”

Step 2) Export diagnostics information

  • Click Diagnostics Export to generate the zip-file
  • Enter credentials of the “admin” user (default password is “greenLight”)
  • Save the archive on your computer

Step 3) Attach zip-file to your support Email



  • In most support cases, one or more GroupExplorer log document are required. These can be exported in the following ways:
    • In GroupExplorer, open the view “Information\Processing Logs”
    • Select and copy all relevant log documents to your clipboard (Ctrl + C)
    • Create a new local and UNencrypted database without design (choose -blank- as the template) in your  IBM Notes data directory
    • Paste the copied log documents from your clipboard into this newly created database (Ctrl + V)
    • Close and zip the newly created database with the pasted log documents and send it to support@panagenda.com
iDNA - Analytics Solutions


All necessary information is included in the Appliance Logs Zipfile. This is created when you click in the panagenda Administration Center on the Download Logs link.

Step 1) Open the Advanced Settings menu iDNA as follows:

  • Subscribe to the iDNA AdminClient (https: //<IP or FQDN of the appliance> / iDNA)
  • Click in the menu: Advanced Settings> Support
  • You will be redirected to panagenda Administration Center

Step 2) Log on to the Administration Center panagenda

  • Click Download to generate the zip file (logs.zip)

Step 3) Attach the zip file to your support email

Please include your ticket number (e.g. [PAN~1234567]) in the subject when sending emails regarding already submitted tickets. To open a new support ticket please send your request with any subject of your choice to support@panagenda.com and you will receive an appropriate ticket number by email instantly.

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