After installing the MarvelClient databases with the Install Wizard, the Rich Client Essentials view comes with a number of readily prepared Actions:

  1. The first Action is a helper document to optimize the upload of notes.ini entries into the MarvelClient Analyze database, needed and used from within the backup Action (4)
    Note: If you can not see this document in [Rich Client Essentials] view, then please perform an Online Update.
  2. The second Action allows you to enable the Runtype [Essentials Shutdown], so that Actions can also run during client shutdown.
    When enabling this Action, client data will not only be uploaded into the MarvelClient Analyze database during client startup, but also during client shutdown. This can be adjusted easily in the corresponding backup Action (3).
  3. The third Action configures the file path of the MarvelClient Analyze database, so that all clients know where to find it.
    Note that by default, the client component searches for the Analyze database on the same server as the Config(uration) database, which can also be adjusted easily on the backup Action (3).
    The filepath configured in this Action is automatically configured by the Install Wizard.
  4. The fourth Action is a readily configured backup Action, to ensure that Notes clients with MarvelClient enabled upload client configuration details into the Analyze database.
    This action is further detailed out below.
  5. Note that in the Rich Client Essentials view, you can also create various client management actions to reduce help desk calls and best prepare client upgrades.