Welcome to the MarvelClient Simplified Installation!

The MarvelClient Simplified Installation is for customers who want to get started fast and easy.

Before you continue

IMPORTANT: Do not  continue, if you already have a MarvelClient Config and Analyze database. For further details see "Information for existing customers/installations" at the bottom of this document.

Before you continue

Instead of a Simplified Installation, you may want to decide for a full and FREE MarvelClient Essentials Installation.
A full MarvelClient Essentials Installation comes with a number of additional benefits. See the following table for more information.

In essence, a Simplified Installation only comes with MarvelClient Essentials Analyze and HCL Nomad Web Migration Roaming.
A full MarvelClient Essentials Installation also installs the MarvelClient Config database with the following advantages:

FeatureMarvelClient Simplified InstallationMarvelClient EssentialsLicensed MarvelClient
Analyze your Notes clientsYesYesYes
HCL Nomad Web Migration*YesYesYes
Manage HCL Nomad MobileNoYesYes
Run any Windows ProgramNoYesYes
Manage notes.iniNoYesYes
Manage Windows RegistryNoYesYes
Deploy small filesNoYesYes
Smartly deploy large filesNoYesYes
Manage User PreferencesNoYesYes
Many more optionsNoNoYesRead more

*) Please note that the HCL Nomad Web Migration feature is work in progress

The Simplified Installation provides you with everything needed to get started with MarvelClient Essentials and/or MarvelClient for Nomad Web fast:


Your clients REQUIRE a Simplified Installation document to find your Analyze database!

Don't forget to enable MarvelClient Essentials after creating any MarvelClient document in your Domino Directory

  1. Create a new - or - Select an existing Analyze database for clients to upload data to

    When selecting
    an existing MarvelClient Analyze database, you must SAVE the Simplified Installation document afterwards!
    You can select any database with any design. It is advisable, though, to select a MarvelClient Analyze database ;-) For clarification: The selected database must have a view v_upload. If the selected database has such a view, it is advisable that the view design corresponds to what you can find in a MarvelClient Analyze database.

    When creating
    a MarvelClient Analyze database, the Simplified Installation document is saved automatically, if the database was created successfully.

  2. Choose on which server(s) clients can find your Analyze database.
    For performance and load-balancing reasons, it is strongly recommended to replicate the Analyze database across all mail servers. Should you choose a dedicated server for testing purposes instead, make sure that the server can serve the total number of expected users!

    If you change this option to "On a dedicated server", and the Analyze database is NOT at the location 'panagenda\pmc_analyze.nsf' on that server, please use the 'Select an existing Analyze database' button from Step 1 to reset the database path after changing the option.

  3. Button to edit the Domino Directory Profile to enable MarvelClient Essentials

  4. Button to create or update a MarvelClient Action to Upload Client Data into your Analyze database

  5. Button to create or update a MarvelClient Action to perform a one-time Nomad Web Migration of the latest Analyze data from non-Nomad Web clients upon initial launch of HCL Nomad Web.


In line with the highlander principle, there can and must only be one document for each type of “Simplified Installation”, “Upload Client Data” and “Nomad Web Migration” in the MarvelClient view. If you ever have more than one of any of those documents (including replication conflicts), make sure you delete all but one for each. Otherwise, results are unpredictable.

Please continue with creating an Upload Client Data Action and/or Nomad Web Migration Action.


Starting with the Domino Directory template in Domino 12.0.1, you will need to have the [PolicyModifier] ACL role in order to create or edit the Simplified Installation form.

If you have a problem where your Notes clients aren't uploading data to the Analyze database after setting this up, here are a few things to look at:

  • If the Analyze database location in Step 2 is set to "On user's home server", check the home servers to make sure the Analyze database exists at exactly this path: 'panagenda\pmc_analyze.nsf'.
  • Reset the Analyze database location on this document by clicking the "Select an existing Analyze database" button from Step 1, selecting an Analyze database on one of your servers, and resaving this document.
  • Make sure your users have Author access in the Analyze database ACL, with "Create Documents" rights.
  • Make sure you have enabled MarvelClient Essentials on the Domino Directory Profile in Step 3.
  • Remember that this only works for Notes 12 and higher clients. If you want to enable MarvelClient Essentials on older clients, please follow the instructions for setting up a FREE MarvelClient Essentials Installation.

Additional information for existing customers

HCL Notes 12 (=non-Nomad clients) will enable/disable MarvelClient Essentials as specified in your Domino Directory Profile on each user’s respective mail server. An installed and enabled MarvelClient binary wins.

If any of the following applies to your Notes clients, they will ignore all settings from the Domino Directory:

  • Your clients are HCL Nomad Mobile or HCL Nomad Web clients (that's because MarvelClient is enabled for HCL Nomad clients by default)
  • Your clients have an MC_DB entry in notes.ini – regardless of whether the therein specified database exists
  • Your clients do not have an MC_DB entry and panagenda\panagenda.nsf exists on a user’s mail server
  • Your clients do not have an MC_DB entry and panagenda\pmc_config.nsf exists on a user’s mail server
  • A client already has an actions.xml file in the MarvelClient Working Directory and the therein stored replica id does not match the public addressbook