If you are already using MarvelClient, your clients will ignore all settings in the Domino Directory and exclusively use your MarvelClient Config database instead!

Also, starting with the Domino Directory template in Domino 12.0.1, you will need to have the [PolicyModifier] ACL role in order to create or edit the Simplified Installation or Action forms below.

HCL Domino V12 comes with exciting new enhancements, including MarvelClient being integrated into the Domino Directory (aka Public Addressbook):

The design of the Domino Directory of HCL Domino V12 and newer releases includes the following elements.
All elements are exclusively for customers who are not using MarvelClient yet!

  1. A MarvelClient view in the People section
  2. A MarvelClient Readme view action button in the People\MarvelClient view
  3. A Simplified Installation view action button in the People\MarvelClient view
  4. An Actions\Upload Client Data view action button in the People\MarvelClient view
  5. An Actions\Nomad Web Migration Action button in the People\MarvelClient view
    This Action exclusively applies to HCL Nomad Web clients

The Actions 3, 4 and 5 can be used to create or update corresponding MarvelClient Actions directly in the Domino Directory for customers who do not yet have a MarvelClient Config(uration) database.

To continue with setting up MarvelClient Essentials from the Domino Directory, please see The Domino Directory MarvelClient Simplified Installation