Most documents (Actions and Conditions, for example) in the MarvelClient Configuration database display up to four of the following tabs in the header area:

The What, When, Who and Admin tab in the header area of documents in the MarvelClient Configuration database
    • What
      This tab differs from Action type to Action type and is used to configure the respective settings of each Action itself. A desktop icon Action, for example, has different options than an Action to manage a location document.
    • When
      This tab houses the so called 'execution control' for each Action, including the configuration of how often an Action shall execute (such as once only or permanently). The When tab is also where Actions can be tied to Conditions such as Time Conditions, IP-Range Conditions, String Conditions and Numeric Conditions, or Filename patterns, Filesizes, and Fingerprints.
    • Who
      On this tab each Action can be assigned to users, groups and/or certifiers. If there are no individual settings, the Action is applied to all users (subject to further limitations through Conditions on the When tab).

      Note: The Who tab affects distribution AND execution, the When tab only affects execution.

    • Admin
      This tab allows for documentation of comments and advanced configurations such as alias and priority, as well as the preparation of Actions for Staging. If anything special is set on the Admin tab (apart from remarks), it will be marked with an asterisk (*), so that when opening an Action it is instantly evident that this specific tab contains special settings.