Every Action can be deployed to 

    • all users (no input/selections made on Who tab)
    • specific users (ONLY FOR selection from Access Definitions and/or direct input)
    • all but some users (EXCLUDE selection from Access Definitions and/or direct input)
    • specific but some users (ONLY FOR and EXCLUDE selection from Access Definitions and/or direct input)


Any selection of access definitions and direct input is merged into one or multiple reader fields (LR_READERS, LR_READERS_1, ...) of the respective Action.

The maximum number of reader entries that can be combined into one Action depends on the following IBM Notes limit:

The total number of bytes across all fields, that have a so called summary flag (i.e. can be displayed in views), may not exceed 64 KB.

Whilst the limit has been increased to 16 MB for Notes 9.x and up (as long as the MarvelClient Config database has a minimum ODS of 52), the MarvelClient Config database does not support Reader fields in excess of 32 KB.

Please contact Support via the Navigator entry "Help, Feedback and Support" if you need support for more than 32/64 KB.


In case the total number of entries across all selected access definitions together with direct input exceeds 31,000 bytes, the following warning is displayed when trying to save the respective Action:


The 31,000 maximum bytes are a limit used to allow Actions to have up to 33,000 bytes of summary data.

NOTE that this limit applies to the total number of bytes of reader field entries. If, for example, an Access Definition has an entry "Group ABC" or "Group ABC" is used in the direct input field on the Who tab of an Action (referring to a group in the public addressbook) and that group contains 100,000 users, only 9 bytes ("Group ABC") count towards the limit. It does not matter how many users, groups or certifiers a group has in the public adressbook in exploded form.



When using the EXCLUDE option in Actions, the Configuration database maintains an additional Remove Action in form of a separate Notes document.

The Remove Action removes the Action for all users that are specified through the respective selection of Access Definitions and/or direct input.

Here, too, the visibility of the Exclude Action is controlled through reader fields to which the same limits apply as described above in the "ONLY FOR" section.