This document contains information about what's new in some of the latest versions of the panagenda Advanced Document Properties plugin for the HCL Notes client. It is not a complete list of new features in each release, but it highlights many of the useful features we've added!

For a list of all the things that are new and have been changed or fixed with each version, please see the Document Properties Release Notes.

If you are using an HCL Notes client version 12.0.1 or higher, remember that the Document Properties plugin is built-in to those clients. So some of the Basic and Pro features described below are only available in newer Notes clients that include the newer Basic plugin.

You can see the Document Properties plugin versions that shipped with each Notes client version on the Document Properties Release Notes page.

Document Properties Pro 12.0.12

New 'Display Raw MIME' Option

In previous versions of the Document Properties plugin (and all versions of the Basic plugin), MIME fields on documents were always converted to rich text when displaying the field values. This makes sense for most users, and it makes the search feature more accurate.

However, some admins and developers might want to see the raw MIME text of fields for troubleshooting, so we added a new menu option in the Actions menu for Document Properties Pro: "display raw MIME". Here's the body field of an email document with the setting unchecked and checked:

Document Properties Pro 12.0.10

New Actions Menu

Refresh Fields
If the document has been modified since you opened the Advanced Properties Dialog, activating this menu option will update the fields in the dialog to match the current values on the document.

Compare Later
Same as the “Compare Later” right-click menu option, but you can set the Compare Later document directly from the dialog.

Compare with ‘Compare Later’
Same as the “Compare with ‘Compare Later’” right-click menu option, but you can activate it directly from the dialog. This allows you to easily compare Profile documents, for example — just open one Profile doc and choose “Compare Later”, then open another Profile doc and choose “Compare with ‘Compare Later’”.

Compare With Current
If the document has been modified since you opened the Advanced Properties Dialog, activating this menu option will open a Document Compare Dialog with the field values you see in the Advanced Properties Dialog on the left, and the current field values on the right. This allows you to easily see which fields change when you edit a document, for example — just open the Document Properties dialog, keep it open, edit and save the doc, and choose “Compare With Current”. Check out the What's New in 12.0.2 videos to see this in action.

New Menus for Compare Documents Dialog

For Pro users, both documents in the Document Compare Dialog now have the same Copy, Edit, and Actions menus as the individual Document Properties Dialog. This makes it easy to export fields, copy items between documents, etc.

This feature is not available on Notes 12.0.1. Notes 12.0.2+ or a Notes client prior to 12.0.1 is required.

New 'Open By NoteID Or UNID' Option

Pro users also get a new menu option: "Open by NoteID or UNID". This allows you to enter or paste a NoteID or UNID, and it will attempt to open the Document Properties dialog for the associated document.

Document Properties 12.0.10

These features are not available on Notes 12.0.1. Notes 12.0.2+ or a Notes client prior to 12.0.1 is required.

Keep Profile Dialog Open

To make it easier to view or delete multiple profile documents in a database, there is now a “Keep dialog open” option on the Choose A Profile Document Dialog. When this option is selected, the dialog remains open after you open or delete a profile doc, until you uncheck it or click Cancel.

Optional Summary and Signature Columns

You can now right-click anywhere on the field list to get a Columns menu, which allows you to show/hide columns in the table. There are also two new columns: Summary and Signed, which makes it easy for you to sort and find which fields are summary fields, and which ones are either signed or encrypted.

Also, the column widths and visibility are now persistent, so if you adjust the column widths or show/hide columns in one dialog, they will have the same widths and visibility in new dialogs you open.

New Copy Options

The Copy menu has a few new options, now allowing you to easily copy selected field names, values, or full field info to the clipboard.

Version Number Now Easy to Find

A lot of you have commented on how hard it is to figure out which version of Document Properties you’re using, especially when you’re testing. Sorry about that! We added the plugin version to the Info box on the Document Properties dialog, just above the panagenda logo.

If you’ve got Pro installed, it’ll show your Pro version too!

Improved Display of $FolderRefs

$FolderRef fields now show multiple folders, and they also have a human-readable list of Folder names in addition to the Folder UNIDs.