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Welcome to the MarvelClient Simplified Installation!

The MarvelClient Simplified Installation is for customers who want to get started fast and easy.

Before you continue

IMPORTANT: Do not  continue, if you already have a MarvelClient Config and Analyze database.

Before you continue

Instead of a Simplified Installation, you may want to decide for a full and FREE MarvelClient Essentials Installation.
A full MarvelClient Essentials Installation comes with a number of additional benefits. See the following table for more information.

In essence, a Simplified Installation only comes with MarvelClient Essentials Analyze and HCL Nomad Web Migration Roaming.
A full MarvelClient Essentials Installation also installs the MarvelClient Config database with the following advantages.

FeatureMarvelClient Simplified InstallationMarvelClient EssentialsLicensed MarvelClient
Analyze your Notes clientsYesYesYes
HCL Nomad Web Migration*YesYesYes
Run any Windows ProgramNoYesYes
Manage notes.iniNoYesYes
Manage Windows RegistryNoYesYes
Deploy small filesNoYesYes
Smartly deploy large filesNoYesYes
Manage User PreferencesNoYesYes
Many more optionsNoNoYesRead more

*) Please note that the HCL Nomad Web Migration feature is work in progress

The Simplified Installation provides you with everything needed to get started with MarvelClient Essentials and/or MarvelClient for Nomad Web fast:


Your clients REQUIRE a Simplified Installation document to find your Analyze database!

Don't forget to enable MarvelClient Essentials after creating any MarvelClient document in your Domino Directory

  1. Create a new - or - Select an existing Analyze database for clients to upload data to

    When selecting
    an existing MarvelClient Analyze database, you must SAVE the Simplified Installation document afterwards!
    You can select any database with any design. It is advisable, though, to select a MarvelClient Analyze database ;-) For clarification: The selected database must have a view v_upload. If the selected database has such a view, it is advisable that the view design corresponds to what you can find in a MarvelClient Analyze database.

    When creating
    a MarvelClient Analyze database, the Simplified Installation document is saved automatically, if the database was created successfully.

  2. Choose on which server(s) clients can find your Analyze database.
    For performance and load-balancing reasons, it is strongly recommended to replicate the Analyze database across all mail servers. Should you choose a dedicated server for testing purposes instead, make sure that the server can serve the total number of expected users!

  3. Button to edit the Domino Directory Profile to enable MarvelClient Essentials

  4. Button to create or update a MarvelClient Action to upload data into your selected Analyze database

  5. Button to create or update a MarvelClient Action to perform a one-time migration of the latest Analyze data from non-Nomad Web clients upon initial launch of HCL Nomad Web.