The world's fastest and leading client management solution panagenda MarvelClient is now also available for HCL Nomad Mobile clients. MarvelClient is fully integrated into the HCL Nomad app starting with version 1.0.4. MarvelCllient (MC) for Nomad offers a comprehensive feature scope free of charge.

HCL Nomad clients can be managed with all MarvelClient editions, including the free MarvelClient Essentials!

panagenda MC for Nomad allows you to:

  • Centrally manage every aspect of HCL Nomad - including Recent Apps, local replicas, Location/Connection documents, and more - without end-user interaction.
  • Ensure properly set up clients from the first start of Nomad. End-users can be productive immediately without having to think about settings or how to find their Domino applications.
  • Apply settings persistently, which makes sure Nomad stay configured correctly. This also means a simple restart of the app will automatically fix mis-configurations by the end-user without the need for help desk to get involved.
  • Continuously collect detailed analytics information about all aspects of deployed Nomad installations, operating systems, and hardware.

Getting Started

You already run MarvelClient? Great, you can start setting up your MC Actions! Since MC is fully integrated into the HCL Nomad app, no further installation is required for the clients!

In case you don't yet manage your Notes clients with MC, just install your preferred MarvelClient edition on the Domino server as descriped in the Setup Guide or in the article Install Wizard - Getting Started in just a few minutes.

Further information on configuring MarvelClient on Nomad clients can be found in the HCL Nomand and panagenda MarvelClient documentation pages.

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MC for Nomad Documentation Topics

The following topics in the MarvelClient documentation may be espcially relevant for HCL Nomad adminstrators and mobile device managers:

Please use the search function in the MarvelClient knowledge base to dicover further MC for Nomand documentation topics.

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MC for Nomad FAQs

Take a look at frequently asked questions about MC for Nomad - we may have already answered your questions!

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MarvelClient Website

MarvelClient takes HCL Nomad and Notes management to a whole new dimension! Find out which edition best meets your expectations.

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