As you start using MarvelClient for Nomad, most of your configuration questions can be answered with either the HCL documentation or the panagenda documentation. However, we do occasionally get other questions about Nomad configuration and functionality, which can be found below:

Do you have any demos of MarvelClient for Nomad?

Yes, we have several webinars to help you understand what MarvelClient for Nomad can do, and how to get started:

The Path to HCL Nomad Web Webinar Series
Your HCL Nomad Configuration On All Your Devices: MarvelClient Roaming is Here!
MarvelClient and HCL Nomad – a match made in heaven
HCL Nomad and MarvelClient: Bringing it down to earth
Nomad For Web Browsers and MarvelClient: A Match Made in Heaven

I don't see any HCL Nomad options in my Config database

The header area of the action forms should have icons like this for the various HCL Nomad platforms:

If you don't see the Browser, iOS, or Android options, it's time to update your Config DB! See our page on Updating MarvelClient for instructions on how to get the latest templates.

Why don't my Location and Connection actions run on HCL Nomad?

The HCL Nomad clients use Location and Connection documents a little differently than HCL Notes desktop clients. For example, Location names are hardcoded, network options are different, and there is no option to switch locations in the client.

To keep you safe, any existing Location and Connection actions in your Config DB will not run on Nomad platforms by default.

You can edit the Location and Connection actions in the Config DB and manually select one of the HCL Nomad platforms, but be careful! Some of the standard Notes client settings are not applicable to HCL Nomad, and they might cause problems with startup or connectivity.

For Location documents specifically, we also recommend that you use the new Nomad Location action that you can find in the Nomad menu of the latest Config DB. This has a simplified set of options, and it will automatically find and modify the correct Location document for Nomad clients.

How is MarvelClient for Nomad licensed?

MarvelClient for Nomad Mobile (iOS and Android) has a special MarvelClient license that contains most of the features available in our Essentials and Basic licenses, plus special Nomad actions for managing Recent Apps and App Restrictions.

The default MarvelClient for Nomad Web license only includes features normally available in our Essentials license, along with the special Nomad actions. Customers who have a MarvelClient Basic license will also get most of the MarvelClient Basic features on MarvelClient for Nomad Web!

Some actions are not currently applicable to MarvelClient for Nomad because of platform limitations, regardless of license. For a list of all the actions available on all HCL Nomad platforms, see MC for Nomad Licensed Features.

How do I set up Nomad to look like my existing Notes Client?

It sounds like you want to learn about Nomad Roaming! Please see the articles on Nomad Web Migration and the Nomad Roaming Overview.