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Automating your Notes Client Upgrades with No Worries



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An HCL & panagenda joint webinar

Press the “EASY” button to automate your Notes Client upgrade.
Still afraid of having to run a complex project to upgrade your distributed Notes clients to the latest version?  Well, you can rest at ease. HCL & panagenda have teamed up to present a “No Worries” upgrade webinar for customers looking to transition their Notes client environment to the latest version.

If you are have waited to upgrade your Notes client software then please join us to hear about the benefits from a streamlined, automated approach. Reducing costs is about achieving operational efficiency. And standardizing your environment on the latest Notes client version will help drive down administration support activities.

During this webinar you will hear proven best practices learned from other customers who have upgraded recently. The demonstration will also showcase how the MarvelClient solution from panagenda will minimize manual activities, ensure a standard software configuration is deployed to ALL clients, and automate any special configurations needed to support your Domino business applications.

What you will learn

  • Auditing Existing Notes Client Deployments
  • Centralized Tracking and Reporting for Client Upgrades
  • Scheduling Methods for Upgrade Activities
  • Automating the Deployment for HCL Nomad
  • And more…

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