OfficeExpert TrueDEM

Digital Experience Optimization for Microsoft 365 that changes everything.

Break through the complexities of improving true digital experience. Receive actionable insights from the end-user perspective, regardless of where they work.

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One Platform that Empowers the Optimization of Digital Experience

Monitoring from End-User Perspective

Full visibility into the true digital experience for Microsoft 365.


Providing an end-to-end viewpoint, OfficeExpert TrueDEM collects telemetry data in real-time from the endpoint devices so you can identify, troubleshoot, and remediate problems before they negatively affect your employee’s productivity.

Proactively Identify Digital Experience Issues

OfficeExpert TrueDEM digital experience optimization (DXO) shines a light on all aspects of the digital journey, no matter where employees are working.


Using smart agents reporting from each device endpoint, the telemetry data provides the details needed to pinpoint issues, make informed decisions and optimize the experience.

Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Digital Experience

OfficeExpert TrueDEM enables IT operations with comprehensive data analytics that they need for full, end-to-end assessments and root-cause analysis.


Using a single pane-of-glass for integrated data analytics your IT operations group can pinpoint the area of responsibility accurately and quickly.

Layers of the OfficeExpert TrueDEM Platform

OfficeExpert TrueDEM Microsoft 365 dashboards

OfficeExpert TrueDEM for M365

Quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities based on risk and situational awareness. Transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT with a modern M365 performance management solution.

OfficeExpert TrueDEM Microsoft Teams dashboards

OfficeExpert TrueDEM for Teams

Gain additional digital experience insights from user, device, and network level. Take digital operations to the next level by ensuring seamless connectivity for employees, customers, and partners.

Enterprise, But for Every Business Size

OfficeExpert TrueDEM Offers Unparalleled Value for Organizations Relying on Microsoft 365 and Teams

  • Accelerate ROI for Microsoft 365
  • Faster call quality troubleshooting for Microsoft Teams Voice
  • Proactive remediation for legacy hardware upgrades
  • Reduce the number of Teams calls rated as Poor Quality
  • Improve adoption for Microsoft Teams Voice
  • Identify network routing anomalies
OfficeExpert TrueDEM Area of Responsibility Metrics for Microsoft 365 Services

Improve the Digital Experience for Your Employees

End-to-end network performance, device performance, call quality, and cloud service availability information to enable organizations with complete visibility over their M365 environment and drive an optimized digital experience.

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Experience is everything. Get it right.

An excellent digital experience starts with optimized performance. OfficeExpert TrueDEM helps identify chokepoints that negatively impact performance and spotlights the cause so it can be fixed quickly.

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Operate efficiently and proactively.

Don’t settle for data that only tells you what happened. OfficeExpert TrueDEM reveals every touchpoint interaction in real time, giving you full visibility to quickly and accurately uncover the why and where for issues, so they can be fixed fast and productivity restored.

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Deliver better business results.

Stop wasting time guessing which optimization efforts are delivering business results with on-demand analysis, exploration, and querying of data. Drive business decisions with insights into what has the greatest business impact.

Customer Stories

Case Study

Financial Services


See how this U.S. Fortune 100 company transformed Microsoft Teams call quality troubleshooting and reduced their analysis time from 12-hours to just 15-minutes per issue.

Gartner Peer Insights Rating 4.9 of 5

What Customers Say

"Perfect tool for Teams troubleshooting.
The must have tool for troubleshooting the Teams issues."

Go Deeper, Look Closer

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Why Choose Digital Experience Optimization?

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The Business Benefits of OfficeExpert TrueDEM

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End-to-End Monitoring with OfficeExpert TrueDEM