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Domino infrastructures are changing – but don’t leave Notes behind!



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Aging hardware. Outdated operating systems. Virtualization. Changes in your organization. All these can lead to moving, merging, or even the splitting up of Domino servers. You have the tools and the know-how to get it done on Domino. But what about Notes? Hear about actual experiences where our customers tackled these consolidation challenges successfully.

In this session you will learn from real customer cases, how to deal with a wide range of topics around Notes clients in a changing server infrastructure:
Know how to move large numbers of applications and mail files between different servers safely and efficiently
Mirror the above changes on your clients without interrupting your end-users
Deal with recertifications and similar changes seamlessly
Redirect traffic away from servers temporarily for maintenance
Operate old and new in parallel and switch users at the right moment
Prevent support issues by removing any trace of retired servers or applications in your clients

Upon completion of this webinar, you will understand all the challenges you face on the client when your servers change, and you will have learned how to solve them based on your peers’ experiences.

Join HCL Master, Christoph Adler to make sure your Notes/Domino infrastructure keeps humming along nicely through any change!

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