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Optimizing license management for Microsoft 365



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License management challenges for Microsoft 365 have brought enterprise organizations severe migraine headaches lately. And more Tylenol will be required in 6-months when those free subscriptions for Teams run out. IT organizations are starting to take these issues seriously and have started to shift resources into a more tight-fisted approach to monitoring their M365 subscriptions in a concerted effort to control costs.
For organizations that want to be proactive in managing their licenses and assign the ownership and cost responsibilities of those licenses, they need a more full-featured management and data analytics solution. During the webinar we will showcase the advanced capabilities available in OfficeExpert that can help enterprise customers optimize their license management and take control over their M365 subscription costs.

What you will learn

  • Proactive License Harvesting for Inactive/Disabled Accounts
  • Identifying Overlapping/Redundant Licenses
  • Repurposing Unused Specialty Licenses (i.e. MS Project, PowerBI Pro, etc.)
  • Automating License Recovery Operations
  • License Chargeback Accounting
  • And more…

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