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Survey Results: Common Problems with Microsoft Teams Call Quality



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If you want to know how other enterprise organizations are struggling with their Teams voice deployments, then you must attend this webinar on the common problems with Microsoft Teams call quality. We just finished our Pulse Survey from companies that are relying on Microsoft Teams for calls and meetings and would like to share the shocking results. If you think call quality troubleshooting is taking you a long time, then you will want to hear how other IT operations groups are doing!

Please join us for this webinar to learn about the most common performance issues for Microsoft Teams and what are the likely root-causes. The conversation will summarize the recent survey results and go into detail on the methods and tools used by IT operations groups to investigate and analyze their employees’ digital experience. During the webinar you will also receive an introduction to the OfficeExpert product and see some real-world examples of how this SaaS solution provides accurate performance measurements and enables IT support groups to quickly troubleshoot issues.

During the webinar you will also learn about the Maximum Limits for device hardware and networking performance to ensure acceptable Microsoft Teams call quality performance.

What you will learn

  • What are the Max CPU and Memory Usage Limits?
  • What is the redline you cannot cross for Round-Trip-Times (RTT)?
  • How to determine bad ISP performance?
  • Why getting to the Microsoft Cloud Global Network quickly is so important!{}

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