Nomad For Web Browsers and MarvelClient: A Match Made in Heaven



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The next evolution of Notes is Nomad, and it is now available on the latest platform: Web browsers! But even on new tech the old challenges still exist. People need to find their Domino applications. They need to migrate their data. They want everything to just work. Luckily for you, Nomad comes pre-loaded with some MarvelClient goodies.

In this webinar you will learn how to approach all these topics both with built-in tools and with purchased MarvelClient modules. Set up your users for success the first time they start Nomad in their browser and every day beyond.

What you will learn

  • See a live demo of Nomad for web browsers and learn how it works.
  • Provide users with a great start into Nomad for web browsers: Basic configuration and data migration.
  • Take full control with MarvelClient: manage and analyze every aspect from desktop to settings.
  • Let your end-users seamlessly move between any type of client: Notes, Nomad web and Nomad mobile
  • Automatically restore state in case of device loss, -swap, or browser cache reset.

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