Your HCL Nomad Configuration On All Your Devices: MarvelClient Roaming is Here!



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HCL Nomad is a modern client where users expect a modern app experience. They don’t want to go looking for their applications or re-configure their settings all the time. Everything should just stay in sync. MarvelClient Roaming automatically keeps your HCL Nomad configuration accessible across all your devices.

Real-world scenarios with mobile and browsers are a nightmare. Nomad on phones and tablets will get deleted and re-installed to try and fix problems. People lose their devices and get new ones. In browsers it is even worse because there’s no visible app; it just is hidden deep in the cache. Reset a cache or open Nomad on a new browser, and you are back to a blank slate. BYOD just multiplies these issues.

You know this and understand that HCL Nomad configuration can be a hard problem. But your users just expect Nomad to behave like all the other modern apps and it is very likely that they blame you if it doesn’t.

MarvelClient Roaming solves this challenge. It enables you to automatically back up, restore, and share configurations (desktop, recent apps, settings, and more) among devices using Nomad. It uploads configurations to your Domino servers whenever they are changed, and then transparently updates any current and new devices used by the same person, with a tiny network and processing footprint. All your devices – one seamless experience.

Join in this webinar on November 10 to discover how MarvelClient Roaming empowers you to provide a modern, continuous user experience for HCL Nomad – anywhere, anytime.

What you will learn

  • Understand how MarvelClient Roaming will improve HCL Nomad usability,
  • See how you can easily set up HCL Nomad configurations for all your devices,
  • Learn best practices that make life easier for you (and your users),
  • Discover multiple MarvelClient Roaming tools for a modern, continuous user experience.

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