MarvelClient and HCL Nomad – a match made in heaven



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HCL Nomad is here! You are excited about finally using Notes on mobile devices. But you don’t really want to rely on your users to deal with all the details: Finding all the applications on the right servers, creating replicas without filling up their iPads, managing settings. They should just be able to work. That’s where MarvelClient comes in.

In this webinar you will learn how you can centrally control all aspects of HCL Nomad (even things that don’t have UI options). You can set up the perfect Nomad experience from the first time they open the app, and it doesn’t stop there! MarvelClient gives you the tools to continuously manage and analyze Nomad on all your devices – without end-user interaction.

See how MarvelClient benefits you and your users every day. Let them do their job without having to struggle with technical details. Meanwhile, you can focus on your other challenges without having something new to worry about.

The best part of MarvelClient for Nomad is: it’s free, it’s built-in and it’s waiting for you!

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