Currently, both iDNA Applications and GreenLight images run on CentOS 7 Linux, which reaches its  end of life with June 30, 2024

Because of this, future releases for both solutions will be provided based on Alma Linux 9, a RHEL based open-source Linux distribution. This affects all releases of iDNA Applications starting with 3.0.0 and GreenLight starting with 5.0.0. We provide new appliances that you will need to deploy to run any of these versions. 

We would like to remind you that the customer alone has full control of their appliance’s base operating system. This allows each customer to meet their own security and configuration needs, but also brings with it the sole responsibility for applying security updates. panagenda can only deliver updates for the components of the application itself, but not for the operating system of the virtual appliance.  
Also, we want to take this opportunity to strongly recommend that you to enable automatic security updates and change the default passwords! 

What does this mean for you?

From this point forward, new versions of either product will not support the previous CentOS-based appliance in any way.  

You must run the new appliance based on Alma Linux to be able to receive future updates of any kind. 

In order to upgrade, you will have to deploy the new appliance in parallel with the old one and then perform a migration. 

iDNA Applications 


If you need help with any of this, please contact support, which is happy to assist you in any way.