Network Performance Monitoring

Optimize Your Network Access to Microsoft 365

Identify network performance problems and take action to elevate and optimize the digital experience of your users. Assist remote workers with improvements for their home office networks and internet service provider choices.

Observations Across All of Your Distributed Services With OfficeExpert TrueDEM

The interconnected real-time world is completely dependent on the reliable, secure, available transfer of data — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The primary goal of IT operations should be to optimize the digital experience for their users, not just monitor them. OfficeExpert TrueDEM digital experience optimization (DXO) will assist your IT operations groups with real network performance monitoring, going beyond watching, and will show them what they need to fix.


OfficeExpert TrueDEM DXO provides accurate telemetry data on network performance through smart agents running on endpoint devices. Using accurate data-driven insights, your IT operations group can quickly identify networking slowdowns for users working in the office, from home, or on the road.


  • Improve Network Reliability from Office Locations
  • Identify Network Routing Anomalies for Remote Users
  • Speed Access to the Microsoft Global Cloud Network

Network and Application Performance Visibility

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Real-time Performance Insights of Mission-Critical Services

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Alerting and Reporting on Performance Degradation

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Actionable Next-Steps Information

Improve Network Performance

Get full visibility into every facet of your users’ digital experience. Accurately track network routing performance from endpoint to endpoint, including the entire network path in between.


These actionable insights will provide a roadmap for your IT operations group to fix problems before they escalate to the help desk and affect operational efficiency.

Network Bandwidth Performance

ISP Performance

Routing Distance to Microsoft Cloud


Proactive Monitoring for Home Office Network Performance

See how OfficeExpert TrueDEM helps IT operations teams to overcome the business challenges for monitoring home office networking performance.

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