Our focus lies on the tasks that people in businesses with complex IT environments need to master on a daily basis. panagendians are committed to finding efficient and innovative solutions for our customers. If you share these interests, we look forward to meeting you!

Our core competency is optimizing the IT landscapes of our clients for both their employees and business objectives. Our customers benefit from each their best fitting mix of consulting and the right selection from our self-developed solutions portfolio.

panagenda needs a wide range of different personalities:

  • Recent graduates of technical studies with exciting ideas
  • Developers and consultants with outstanding problem solving skills
  • Experienced experts with IT knowledge who are able to use attentive management skills to make important decisions in order to lead projects

Job Offerings:

Regardless of ethnicity, sex and age, we look forward to work with people who want to develop themselves and their competencies to strengthen panagenda. Qualification, great ideas, commitment, the passion of working in an international environment and enthusiasm for innovative solutions is a must.

If you identify with panagenda and are interested in one of the career opportunities listed, contact us today!

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