True User Experience Monitoring

Accurate Digital User Experience and Outage Detection for Microsoft 365

Easily detect and understand any issues with the Microsoft 365 user experience. Identify what’s going on, who’s affected, and where it’s coming from in seconds. OfficeExpert TrueDEM® provides actionable insights that help you reduce the impact of issues, expedite and optimize the support process, enhance the user experience, and ensure seamless continuity of your business operations.

True User Experience Monitoring​

User Experience and Performance Monitoring for All Core Microsoft 365 Apps & Services

Eliminate the guesswork with instant access to actionable insights. Enhance productivity, ensure seamless performance, and minimize troubleshooting time across diverse environments with OfficeExpert TrueDEM M365.​


OfficeExpert TrueDEM® provides service owners, support professionals and end users with the insights they need to quickly find the area of responsibility for issues today and prevent problems tomorrow.​


Benefit from highly precise end-to-end monitoring data, accompanied by essential contextual information. By leveraging Microsoft 365 app & service performance metrics at the organization, network/ISP, and individual levels, organizations can promptly identify and address service interruptions that impact digital experience and employee productivity.​


  • Individual context-driven user experience monitoring
  • Improved response time for service outages
  • Redirect users to available apps / networks
  • Reduce helpdesk calls by proactively notifying user

Improve Productivity of Your Microsoft 365 Applications

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Service Availability in Real Time

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Track Service Performance

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Ensure Positive Experiences

Master Service Health and Continuity

Consistent availability of services and processes is crucial for business productivity and operations. Failing to stay informed about factors contributing to availability can lead to downtime, decreased productivity, loss of trust, and chaotic troubleshooting.​


Efficiently address service disruptions with immediate drilldown options into the area of responsibility, network and applications affected ensuring prompt resolution. Gain immediate access to incident reports from Microsoft, as well as the overall health of your M365 environment and application status on various platforms within your organization.​


In addition, administrators can monitor both network and user-level performance. They can quickly detect a decrease in performance or regional outages, enabling them to redirect users before any adverse effects take place.​


  • Early detection, alerting and reporting on cloud outages and service degradation​
  • Improve user continuity with actionable insights on app status​
  • Overview of relevant Microsoft reported incidents and advisories​

M365 Environment Status

Current state of the M365 environment in OfficeEpxert TrueDEM

M365 App Status

True status of the M365 user experience in OfficeEpxert TrueDEM

M365 Service Health

OfficeExpert TrueDEM view of current M365 service health states

Reduce Helpdesk Ticket Cost

Patience is thin. Attention spans are short. It is imperative to keep the time business users spend in support calls or waiting for remediation to an absolute minimum.​


Provide pro-active information on workarounds by recommending alternative platforms when services fail with TrueDEM’s insights into the current apps & services status across the various platforms (web, desktop, mobile). Gain instant insight into each user’s experience compared against their own historical experience as well as the organization’s current state. Identify the area of responsibility instantly and save time spend on identifying the path to resolution to eliminate costly involvement of experts. ​


Significantly decrease help desk tickets and enhance the overall user experience in day-to-day operations.​


  • Troubleshoot problems through your users’ eyes​
  • Instantly know when user experiences go wrong and how you can rapidly fix them​
  • Improve first-time fix rate with efficient area of responsibility insights​

User Experience Quality

Quality of a user's experience in the OfficeExpert TrueDEM dashboard

User Experiences by Apps

User experience per application in OfficeExpert TrueDEM dashboard

Incident Status Notification

M365 incident status notifications in OfficeExpert TrueDEM

Win the User Experience Race

Your workforce is dispersed across the globe, yet they all desire a uniform experience, even with varying connection technologies. Any delay to critical business systems kills productivity and revenue.


By giving you actionable and context driving insights, OfficeExpert TrueDEM® helps you support a hybrid and dispersed environment, imperative in this modern age. Focused on reducing the impact when issues occur, expediting and optimizing the support process and improving the future experiences of your users.


With OfficeExpert TrueDEM you gain full visibility into each user’s digital M365 experience no matter where they are without the need for remote sessions.​


  • Get answers from true individual digital experience data
  • Have an outside-in (group to individual) and inside-out (individual to group) view on what’s going on
  • Be able to offer alternatives and workarounds
  • Expedite and optimize the support process through Area of Responsibility mapping

M365 Experience Tuned for Excellence

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Automated Alerts based on Accurate Data Analytics

Uncover the secrets to turbocharge your troubleshooting process by harnessing the power of advanced alerts, enabling you to swiftly pinpoint failing components and detect potential issues at the earliest possible stage.

User Experience​ - Automated Alerts based on Accurate Data Analytics

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