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Industry-leading Products & Free Plugins

Modular components that take Notes Client Management to a whole new dimension

MarvelClient Products

With more than a dozen products addressing more than 250 daily use cases, MarvelClient will help transform your HCL Notes operational efficiency, creating better employee and customer experiences while getting business done faster, with less risk and lower costs.

Find out how MarvelClient applications and widgets can help you and your business.

12+ Products

Adaptable and flexible to suit your needs. Start with Basic and mix and match as you see fit.

250+ Solutions

Boost administration capabilities, increase employee experience and productivity, and reduce operational costs, the advantages to your business are here.


MarvelClient works where you work: Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Citrix and more.

Starter Application


Precise answers, automatically. Deliver remarkable experiences across every Notes client, multiply your team’s productivity with precise answers for proactive problem resolution and performance improvements and focus to what matters most – proactive action, innovation and business results.

Additional Add-ons

MarvelClient Roaming

Deliver remarkable experiences and maximize business KPIs. Accelerate Notes client start-up times, significantly reduce network traffic and data storage costs with MarvelClient Roaming.

MarvelClient Upgrade

Plan, upgrade, succeed. The #1 upgrade solution for HCL Notes clients. Upgrade, without disrupting anyone’s work, from any version to any version you want in minutes instead of hours with MarvelClient Upgrade.

MarvelClient Eclipse

Simplicity redefined. Manage your Eclipse, Sametime and Connections settings with dramatically less effort. Install, uninstall and update plugins without the flaws of the widget catalogue with MarvelClient Eclipse.

MarvelClient Mail

Improve email deliverability – without the heavy lifting. Define limits for email size, number and volume of recipients and benefit from automatic zipping and unzipping. Maximize your team’s email efficiency with MarvelClient Mail.

MarvelClient Automate

Free up time. Highly automated client workspaces ensure your Notes clients keep pace every step of the way. Automatically transfer changes made on your servers to each users’ individual clients’ tiles, bookmarks and replicas.

MarvelClient RealTime

Mitigate the risk of a disconnected and disengaged workforce. Automatically redirect end-users to geographically most efficient servers and ensure their data and databases are kept safe and sound with MarvelClient RealTime.

Get Started today

Trials that allow you to evaluate the full functionality without limitations. Offerings you can use right now. No cost, no commitment.

Integrates with the tools you already use

HCL Notes

MarvelClient integrates seamlessly with HCL Notes clients from version 6 upwards.

HCL Nomad

MarvelClient supports Nomad on all types of mobile devices.

All Platforms

MarvelClient works on all client and server platforms that are supported by HCL.
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more.


MarvelClient provides significant performance and stability enhancements HCL Notes environments running under Citrix.

Popular Bundles

Ultimate Bundle

The big four.
Get on top of every aspect of Notes client management. Achieve operational excellence and future-proof digital experiences at scale.

MarvelClient Basic + MarvelClient Roaming + MarvelClient Upgrade + MarvelClient Eclipse

Premium Bundle

The most popular choice!
Tried and true. Deliver more value with drastically less effort.

Includes: MarvelClient Basic + MarvelClient Roaming


Streamline IT management and increase operational efficiency.

Includes: MarvelClient Basic

Enterprise Bundle

Get ‘em all. Lower your costs, save time, and elevate the customer experience.

Includes: All MarvelClient products in one platform

Getting started with MarvelClient

Easy to start and free to use

Getting started with MarvelClient

Notes management is hard. MarvelClient makes it easier. Free to start, with many ways to grow.

Discover Your Organization’s Savings

Changing experiences starts here

Discover Your Organization’s Savings

Get the facts. Accelerate innovation, save time and costs, and multiply your team’s productivity.

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