MarvelClient Modules

Meet the Modular Operating System for HCL Notes and Nomad

MarvelClient Modules

Discover and invent powerful new ways to run HCL Notes.

MarvelClient modules are designed to make HCL Notes operations more efficient, improve employee and customer experiences, and get business done faster, with less risk and at lower costs.

7 Modules

Adaptable and flexible to suit your needs. Start with MarvelClient Basic and mix and match as you see fit.

250+ Solutions

Boost administration capabilities, increase employee experience and productivity, and reduce operational costs, the advantages to your business are here.


MarvelClient works where you work: Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Citrix and more.


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MarvelClient Basic

Deliver remarkable experiences across Notes and Nomad. Manage every aspect of every client. Benefit from infinite insights, greater resilience, streamlined operations, and elevated experiences. Focus on what matters most – proactive action, innovation, and business results with MarvelClient Basic.


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MarvelClient Roaming

Ensure productivity and maximize business KPIs. Share, backup, and restore client configurations across devices. Accelerate start-up times, reduce network traffic, and save storage costs with MarvelClient Roaming.

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MarvelClient Upgrade

Plan, upgrade, succeed. The #1 upgrade solution for HCL Notes clients. Upgrade, without disrupting anyone’s work, from any version to any version you want in minutes instead of hours with MarvelClient Upgrade.

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MarvelClient Eclipse

Simplicity redefined. Manage your Eclipse, Sametime and Connections settings with dramatically less effort. Install, uninstall, and update plugins without the flaws of the widget catalogue with MarvelClient Eclipse.

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MarvelClient Mail

Improve email deliverability – without the heavy lifting. Define limits for email size, number, and volume of recipients that apply before mail leaves the device. Benefit from automatic zipping and unzipping. Maximize your team’s email efficiency with MarvelClient Mail.

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MarvelClient Automate

Free up time. Highly automated configuration for Notes clients keeps pace every step of the way. Automatically match changes on your servers to each user‘s individual tiles, bookmarks, and replicas. Put the power in the hands of your users with MarvelClient Automate.

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MarvelClient Realtime

Mitigate the risk of a disconnected and disengaged workforce. Automatically redirect end-users to geographically most efficient servers and ensure their data and databases are kept safe and sound with MarvelClient Realtime.

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MarvelClient Enterprise Trial

Fully experience MarvelClient, all features, no strings attached.

Better clients, happier users, lower cost, less hassle: It can be yours.

MarvelClient Essentials

The lightweight version of MarvelClient. Innovate faster, collaborate efficiently, and deliver more value with dramatically less effort.

MarvelClient Upgrade 25 Free

Your first step into the world of fast, easy, and error-free Notes upgrades.

Upgrade for 25 machines, with all the bells and whistles.

Integrates with the Tools You Already Use

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HCL Notes

MarvelClient integrates seamlessly with HCL Notes clients from version 6 upwards.

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HCL Nomad

MarvelClient supports Nomad on all types of mobile devices and browsers supported by HCL.

All Platforms

MarvelClient works on all client and server platforms that are supported by HCL.

Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android, Apple iOS, Citrix, and more.

Citrix, WTS, and VDI

MarvelClient provides significant performance and stability enhancements for HCL Notes environments running under Citrix, WTS, and VDI.


Take advantage of the MarvelClient Premium Bundle to supercharge your HCL Notes clients and enjoy seamless, improved digital experiences!


Get them all. The MarvelClient Enterprise Bundle empowers you to accelerate innovation, collaborate seamlessly, and provide greater value with significantly less effort. Every day of the year!