The new HCL Nomad Web 1.0.11 was released on 06. March 2024. Advancements are being made rapidly! Like its predecessors, the latest version brings bug fixes and improvements. It also adds new features and enhancements, continuing the commitment to progress. Highlights include an integrated designer and updates for Domino Restyle, showcasing the ongoing evolution of the product.

HCL Nomad Web 1.0.11

  • Attachments in Firefox support: File attachments are now supported in Firefox, so file attachments are now supported by all supported browsers.
  • Color picker updated: The color picker has been replaced with a more functional color picker.
  • Domino Restyle updates:
    • Designer: There are two new actions available in Designer when viewing the design element lists: Restyle and Restyle Fonts. These actions are visible after a database has been restyled once using the Restyle Wizard.
      restyle and restyle fonts options in designer
      • Restyle invokes the “Restyle” function on the design elements selected in the list. The Restyle options from the previous full Restyle operation are used in this context.
      • Restyle Fonts invokes the “Restyle” function but only updates the fonts using the settings selected from the previous full Restyle. This action leaves all other design attributes on the selected design elements untouched. Both actions are available for Framesets, Pages, Forms Views, Folders, Outlines, Subforms, Fields and Columns​.
    • When restyling a copy, select Make a new copy, so that I can test restyle from scratch to start from a fresh copy, removing the old copy you had been working on. For more information, see Making a copy of an application in Restyle.
    • Choose whether or not About Application document and Using Application document elements should be restyled. Previously, About and Using documents were automatically restyled. The current default is to restyle them (checked), but they can be deselected if desired.
      list displaying options for restyle elements
    • Shared, private on first use, and private views and folders that are stored in the database will also be restyled.
    • Restyled action icons may be selected for applications that are not restyled. Previously, restyled applications received updated action icons. For more information, see Updating icons with Restyle.
    • A new Flat button style is available for buttons on forms, pages, and documents. This style is similar to a Rounded button, but draws the focus around the button in an updated style. The Flat button style is available for all applications. If the application has been restyled, a new button will automatically be created with the Flat style, with a color that matches the application color, and a contrasting text color. If the application has not been restyled, the button will be blue with white text, as shown below.
      flat button option for restyle

      flat button image

(The information provided was sourced directly from the HCL Nomad Web documentation.)

Another 14 good reasons to upgrade to Nomad Web 1.0.11

The most recent HCL Nomad Web update presents 14 bug fixes, providing a strong incentive to upgrade. For those interested in specifics, a comprehensive list of these fixes and a relevant Knowledge Base article are available for detailed review.

Issue IdentifiersDefect ArticleDetails
NWASM-4481KB0111359Make available offline dialog has multiple issues
NWASM-5728KB0111271Japanese characters are converted to “?” in Nomad Web when importing SJIS Japanese
NWASM-5754KB0111286Date fields have borders which lead the user to think the field is in edit mode when it is not
NWASM-5878KB0109129deploy.nsf missing from Nomad server on Domino when there are no certificates found in pernames.ntf
NWASM-6416KB0111310File->Import’s “Preserve existing line breaks in text?” message is in English instead of the current language
NWASM-6450KB0109647Nomad for web browsers ignores F1 to initiate help
NWASM-6518KB0109640notes: link database views not consistently opening properly
NWASM-6543KB0111387Crash when LotusScript is logging Japanese characters
NWASM-6545KB0111261Horizontal scrolling in Calendar not working
NWASM-6568KB0109700Nomad for web browsers crashes when you drag and drop a file from the local disk
NWASM-6638KB0109901Print has a blank first page in Chrome and Edge
NWASM-6683KB0110192Status bar messages missing from local log.nsf with LOGSTATUSBAR=1
NWASM-6696KB0111363“New JavaScript Library” button should be hidden
NWASM-6733KB0110525“Add” and “Remove” don’t work in Design Synopsis of Nomad Designer

Please find the complete documentation and release notes at the following links:
HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.x User Documentation (
Release Notes for HCL Nomad for web browsers

How to get the latest version?

For downloading HCL Nomad Web 1.0.11, you can use the following direct link: NOMAD
All other HCL packages are available on the official download portal:

HCL Nomad Web 1.0.11 download

Packages for “HCL SafeLinx” and Domino are accessible in versions 12.0.2 and 14, offering straightforward and swift integration capabilities.


The HCL Nomad 1.0.11 update introduces several enhancements and fixes, making it an essential upgrade for users. This version includes support for file attachments in Firefox, a new color picker, and comprehensive updates to Domino Restyle, offering a fresh look and additional customization options. With 14 bug fixes also included, this release not only improves stability but also enhances user experience, demonstrating HCL’s commitment to continuous improvement. For a detailed breakdown of changes and fixes, users are encouraged to consult the official documentation and Knowledge Base articles.