panagenda DataMiner allows you to access the data warehouse of panagenda AnalyticsSolutions with your own queries. These queries can either be edited directly in DataMiner, saved as a CSV / Microsoft Excel file, or used as a data source in other applications through a Web API interface, such as data visualization or business intelligence.

panagenda DataMiner includes an editor for creating and editing queries using the SQL query language, several ways to view and optimize queries, a module to display the available data sources for queries, and a spreadsheet-like display module for queries with pivot functionality and various export options. DataMiner is designed as a Docker container, which is installed on panagenda AnalyticsSolutions systems.

Both the user interface and the access to data via the Web API interface are subject to access restrictions to ensure the security of your data.

Get to know DataMiner through ApplicationInsights with benefits available in our entire Analytics portfolio soon. DataMiner is currently compatible with ApplicationInsights version 1.5 or later.