VoIP Call Quality Troubleshooting

Digital Experience Optimization for Microsoft Teams Calls

Swiftly identify the exact root causes impacting call quality and reduce troubleshooting time from days to minutes.

Fast Troubleshooting for Microsoft Teams Call Quality Issues

Are your employees complaining about dropped calls or garbled conversations during meetings?


There is a better way to improve call quality; an optimized, holistic way using a single product that monitors performance from the endpoint, from the end user perspective, no matter where they are working.


  • View the end-to-end journey for Teams voice traffic
  • Spotlight bottlenecks impacting performance
  • Proactive remediation for performance issues

Identify the True Problems Causing Call Quality Issues so They Can be Fixed Quickly

Identify Remote Users with Slow Network Access

Spotlight Call Quality Issues Quickly

Proactively Replace Devices Causing Poor Performance

Increased Productivity

Accurate performance data allows you to drill-down on VoIP call quality problems and pinpoint the root cause such as ISP routing anomalies or poor performance from Home Office Wi-Fi networks.

Performance of M365 Service

Performance of M365 Services

Performance of Microsoft Teams Service

Performance of TeamsService

Impacted Users by Country

Service Performance Call Quality: Impacted Users by Country Dashboard

Actionable User Data

Actionable User Data

Fewer Helpdesk Calls

VoIP call quality performance data is provided from user endpoints every few minutes to quickly identify issues and help remediate user experience problems before they get reported to the helpdesk.

Infrastructure Performance Insights

Infrastructure Performance Insights

ISP Performance Insights

Infrastructure Performance Insights

Call Quality Performance Overall

Call Quality Performance Overall

Call Quality Performance by User

Call Quality Performance by User

Seamless Remote Worker Experience

In today’s ‘Work-from-Anywhere’ environment there are critical blind spots where IT operations need visibility. OfficeExpert TrueDEM DXO spotlights all end-to-end segments to identify what chokepoints are impacting performance.

User Routing & Latency Insights

End-to-End Journey

End-to-End Data Points from Device to the Microsoft Cloud


​Top 5 Reasons Why Your Teams Call Quality Suffers​

Learn more about the 5 typical pitfalls that cause Microsoft Teams VoIP call quality to suffer and what organizations should do about it.​

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Teams Call Quality Suffers

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