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Easier, Faster, and More Powerful – Notes Document Properties Reimagined



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Have you ever felt frustrated by the small properties dialog in Notes? Had to create an agent or button to quickly change a field? Searched endlessly for the field you wanted to compare each time you selected a new document? Wished you could just make the damned thing bigger? Luckily, there is a solution – and you probably already have it installed!

With the free panagenda Document Properties (Pro) you get the properties dialog you always needed. Big, resizable, full-text searchable. View multiple documents at once or compare them with a diff viewer. Modify any field, and finally have an easy way to handle profile documents for all users.

Join HCL Lifetime Ambassador Julian Robichaux to discover how Document Properties can simplify your work and assist you daily when using Domino applications – in the client or the designer. You will never look back!

Key takeaways from this session

  • What Document Properties is, which editions there are, and how you can find it in Notes and Domino Designer
  • How you can search for and edit any field, compare documents, or CSV export all data
  • How to find, edit, and even delete profile documents
  • Which configuration settings are available to customize features
  • What the benefit for your end-users is
  • A live demo so you can see it in action

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April 11, 2024

4pm CEST | 10am EDT

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