panagenda iDNA Applications 2.0 is jam-packed with improvements and new features. Many of them were inspired by the challenges our customers face every day. You can read up on all the details in our release notes. Here are a few highlights.

Application Content Analysis

iDNA Applications now provides crucial new insights into the challenges that come with modernizing your Domino applications or migrating them to a new platform. Database content is often overlooked in transformation projects until the final phases, where it can have devastating impact on project success if not properly handled.

Our solution provides all the critical answers to help you pull back the curtains and inspect the data stored in your Domino applications, so you can create an accurate project estimate and reduce the risk of failure.

Analyzed topics include:

  • File attachments (amount, size, file types, etc.)
  • Content age (creation and modification history)
  • Content editors
  • Document structure and production Forms used
  • Encryption and signature
  • Reader and Author fields
  • Special objects in Rich Text fields
Content analysis with panagenda iDNA Applications
Content analysis with panagenda iDNA Applications

Instant Usage History

One of the biggest benefits iDNA Applications 2.0 brings is the ability identify which applications are actually being used and which are consolidation potential. We have yet again improved this great feature by providing usage data even faster.

To achieve this, a new source of user activity has been added by scanning each database’s activity records. The new data will seamlessly integrate with existing session data from log.nsf, which will remain the main data source for usage related information.

By utilizing this new data source you can view usage information spanning weeks or months within a few days after setting up iDNA Applications.

Custom Application Properties

A feature that many customers and partners have been asking for is the ability to enrich the application catalog with new meta data inside iDNA Applications. Throughout your project you will come up with dozens of pieces of information you need to maintain throughout the life cycle of your applications. Be it the application owner, a complexity estimation, developer assessment or even its relevance for VIP users. All these and many more properties are going to change and evolve as you migrate or modernize your application.

Edit custom properties - panagenda iDNA Applications
Edit custom properties – panagenda iDNA Applications

Where better to keep track of them than in your single source of truth when it comes to the Domino application landscape: iDNA Applications. In here you can utilize our pre-defined set of values or create your own custom ones as your project gets more specific. To integrate with your existing toolset even better, this feature also introduces a brand new API to access and edit these properties from external sources.

Get it All

Sounds interesting? We prepared something for you to make sure you can start right away without any installation or obligation. Tap into iDNA Applications in our Sandbox to see the whole power of application analytics or request your free trial right now to see it working with your own data!

In case you are already an iDNA Application customer, you will get the new version by simply following the usual update procedure described here. For more details visit our knowledge base and get a comprehensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.