Analyzing Domino Application Data – You Need to See the Whole Picture



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Understanding your Domino application usage and design is only HALF of the story. You need to take an in-depth look at the DATA stored in your databases to truly identify the best target platform for your applications. These details will also empower you to create a bullet-proof transition plan along with an accurate redevelopment cost estimate. In this webinar, you will receive an in-depth look at Domino application data analytics for migration or modernization projects.

The new version of iDNA Applications provides that level of detail to administrators, developers and project planning teams. We can help you map out the design elements that are being used in production and flag the data migration challenges posed by the content stored in your applications. In addition, the webinar will showcase how understanding file attachments and data security fields within your apps can help you transition successfully to a new repository. 

What you will learn

  • Leverage data analytics to plan the disc Space Requirements for your target repository
  • Identify the production Forms and Views that will need to be redeveloped
  • Catalog all File Attachments for Migration Mapping to a new document management system
  • Identify access and security issues with Reader Fields and Encryption
  • And more…

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