A Closer Look: HCL Notes 14 and HCL Nomad Web

Webinar Series

The release of HCL Notes 14 and the growing importance of HCL Nomad Web put demands on your limited time. Let’s make it easy: everything you need to know, distilled into actionable step-by-step guides with live demos, right here.

Answer key questions such as: Do you go to Notes 14 now or later–or not at all? Can you get an upgrade project done quickly, right, and while staying within your current budget? What’s going on with Nomad Web and is it right for you? How do you get started with Nomad, and how do you operate it effectively? How do you deal with the challenges of 64-bit clients or Nomad Web limitations when it comes to your Domino applications?

Gain the know-how, tools, and confidence to navigate these challenges and make informed decisions to take your HCL infrastructure from better to best.


A Closer Look: HCL Notes 14 and HCL Nomad Web

September 19, 2023

4pm CEST | 10am EDT

Session 1

The Ultimate Administrator’s Guide to HCL Nomad Web

Join forces with HCL Ambassador, Christoph Adler, as he unveils the administrator's guide to HCL Nomad Web in this one-of-a-kind webinar full of tips and tricks.

November 07, 2023

4pm CET | 10am EST

Session 2

How to Perform HCL Notes 14 Upgrades Smoothly

Workshop: Uncover the simplicity of HCL Notes 14 Upgrades at Christoph Adler's exclusive workshop. Learn how to seamless transition with the power of MarvelClient Upgrade.

December 12, 2023

4pm CET | 10am EST

Session 3

Everything You Need to Know About HCL Notes 14

Discover the ins and outs of HCL Notes 14. Join Christoph Adler's captivating webinar to gain priceless knowledge, insights, and guidance for a smooth move to Notes 14.


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