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How to Perform HCL Notes 14 Upgrades Smoothly



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HCL Notes 14 is coming out soon with many new features. Combine this with the fact that HCL will end their support for Notes 9 and 10 in 2024, and it is time to finally consider moving to a newer version.
You may have been hesitant so far because upgrades seem like long and arduous projects with many pitfalls. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Whether it is a fresh install or an upgrade, whether it is on a laptop, PC, or some virtual infrastructure – you can get upgrades done in minutes without disrupting users. Come and see how!

In this live, hands-on workshop HCL Ambassador Christoph Adler will show you in detail how you can use MarvelClient Upgrade to configure, prepare, and run the smoothest and fastest HCL Notes 14 installations ever. Even if you are already using MC Upgrade, it is a good refresher with a focus on what’s changed for Notes 14 and how you can re-use what you already have to be even faster.

The best part: if you don’t yet have MarvelClient Upgrade, you can immediately start using what you learn here, with our free version!

You will learn how to use MarvelClient Upgrade to

  • Upgrade from any current Notes client configuration or version to your desired target configuration and version in a single, seamless step
  • Configure and prepare upgrade packages and deal with Notes 14 specific issues, like the switch from 32-bit to 64-bit
  • Deploy and run upgrade packages using MarvelClient without disrupting users or need for software deployment
  • Create self-contained packages for initial installation of Notes 14 on new PCs
  • Create packages for easy installation of Notes 14 on virtual platforms like Citrix and VDI including all needed optimizations and performance tweaks

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September 19, 2023

4pm CEST | 10am EDT

Session 1

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November 07, 2023

4pm CET | 10am EST

Session 2

How to Perform HCL Notes 14 Upgrades Smoothly

Workshop: Uncover the simplicity of HCL Notes 14 Upgrades at Christoph Adler's exclusive workshop. Learn how to seamless transition with the power of MarvelClient Upgrade.

December 12, 2023

4pm CET | 10am EST

Session 3

Everything You Need to Know About HCL Notes 14

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