Hi 🙂

My name is Marlena Hafner and I was an intern for 4 weeks at panagenda. I’ve learned and experienced a lot of new things. Currently, I am visiting the HTL in Krems which is specialized in IT and Media technology. In my free time I draw and listen to music, but also play video games.

My work at panagenda

In general, during my 4 weeks at panagenda, I helped Jeffrey (the designer) a lot with the designs. For example, I created Twitter banners, desktop backgrounds, and business card designs.
Katrin asked me to design Email Footer & Header for her, so I also had the opportunity to try to create subject related designs. (Which you will probably see soon!)

In the middle of my month, Xaver asked me to lead a mini-project, where I had to assign tasks to other team members – we had to design a few of panagenda’s webpages!

Additionally, in collaboration with Danny I created a few T-Shirt designs for the company. We received a lot of feedback regarding the mock ups. This made me eager to improve and try my best in the future.

The first experience

So how did it all start? I was very nervous on my first day and, to be honest, I didn’t expect such a nice welcome at all. As soon as I entered the office I was greeted with friendly faces.

Xaver showed me the whole office – I have to say it’s way bigger than I expected it to be! I got introduced to a lot of my coworkers and they were all very nice.

Later I got to know Jeffrey, Danny and Ulli, who are all also part of my department. After all got my first tasks from Xaver and Jeff and started working – and learned a lot!


Finally, I have to say my work at panagenda is coming to an end, and school will soon start again. I learned a lot about marketing and graphics design in these 4 past weeks and I am very grateful for the opportunity the company gave me.

When I first entered this office, I didn’t expect to have so much fun at working, while also steadily learning something new. I can only recommend taking an internship at panagenda – you will work in a very nice environment while gaining knowledge about work life as well.