Collaboration, friendship, family

As most people who will be reading this already know, the collaboration community is a very close-knit one. Networks and even friends are made through a common passion for technology and collaboration that cannot be avoided. Nor should we want to avoid them, after all, collaboration means togetherness. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to welcome our friends into our working family. This is the case with Ben Menesi.

As of August 1st, Ben joined the panagenda family as VP, Products & Innovation. He will be working with us in a technical product management / evangelism & marketing role that connects customers and partners with development. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to meet Ben will also know that this is a role for which he was born.

Ytria to panagenda

We are grateful to our partner Ytria for the opportunities provided to Ben over the past 8 years, and our continued friendship and collaboration during Ben’s transition is a testament to the high regard in which we see our business relationship with Ytria. Ben has shared this emotional change in his LinkedIn post “Time for change.”

About Ben

Ben Menesi started out in the Domino world and worked for enterprise Microsoft and IBM customers in various capacities from IBM Notes Domino Administrator and Developer to Exchange and SharePoint Administrator before joining Ytria in 2011 where he’s been responsible for product management for the past 8 years.

An IBM Champion for the past 5 years, he’s been speaking on all things collab-tech and cybersecurity – addressing audiences at IBM and Microsoft technology events in over 15 countries over the past decade.

At panagenda, Ben will continue focusing on both the Microsoft and HCL markets as well as perfecting the balance of technology and usability in customer facing situations. Of course you will be able to enjoy seeing him speaking at conferences too. Everyone at panagenda is very much look forward to supporting Ben in his endeavors and can’t wait to welcome him personally.