Last week at the IBM Connect 2017 conference in San Francisco, IBM revealed their Domino application modernization roadmap which starts with application usage and code complexity analytics, powered by panagenda ApplicationInsights.

panagenda ApplicationInsights is a virtual appliance that transforms Domino application usage and design complexity metrics into actionable data to help build the path towards application modernization.

Customers’ unique application data is locally aggregated and turned into easy to understand dashboards that reveal the business value of applications, design complexity, design similarity, template candidates, code findings and optimization opportunities to reduce the TCO.

panagenda ApplicationInsights provides continuous answers on many key questions around usage across IBM Notes rich clients and browser clients, including mobile devices, such as the following:

  • Which applications are used most and how complex are they
  • Which applications are not used and can be archived or decommissioned
  • Which applications are used primarily read-only and can be archived
  • Number of documents read and written over time for each application
  • Number of documents per application
  • When has an application been last used
  • Which departments use which applications
  • Which applications are being used from web browsers
  • Authenticated vs. anonymous browser usage

panagenda ApplicationInsights also collects the design of all mail-in and application databases and templates and surfaces the collected data through a variety of interactive dashboards, answering a multitude of questions, such as the following:

  • Which databases are template candidates, independent of design inheritance settings
  • Do all replicas of a database have the same design
  • Do all databases that are based on a certain template have the exact same design
  • Number of design elements per application and type of design element

ApplicationInsights also has the ability to reveal code findings that need to be addressed before modernization, such as @Functions and LotusScript code interacting with the IBM Notes client user interface, buttons or action hotspots with LotusScript code, external interfaces, operating system dependencies, and more.

With its interactive dashboards, panagenda ApplicationInsights shows, for example, mail dependencies, file system interfaces, ODBC usage, @DbCommands, Declare Functions and @DbLookups. For developers the perhaps coolest feature of ApplicationInsights is that the click of a button reveals the actual lines of code being the source of each finding:

Altogether, ApplicationInsights facilitates effective modernization through segmentation of Domino environments into actionable parts and by providing relevant facts on what applications should be archived, rewritten or modernized.

What’s Next

In Q2, IBM intends to make ApplicationInsights available as an entitlement to IBM Domino customers on active S&S, providing details for the 50 most used and 50 most complex application database instances together with extensive insights into security, deployment integrity and load patterns for the entire Domino environment.

Want to learn more? Join our mailing list or sign up for our “Understanding Application Usage and Complexity with panagenda ApplicationInsights” webinar taking place on March 23, 2017 from 10:00 am to 10:30 am EDT.