In April 2023, Vince Molinari of FinTech.TV interviewed representatives from panagenda, Ben Menesi, VP, Products & Innovation, and Carl Baumann, Managing Director, on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. The discussion focused on the new challenges for enterprise IT operations to support the work-from-anywhere culture that has become the norm in our post-pandemic world. Digital transformation has accelerated after COVID-19 and it has spawned a remote workforce that has put the pressure squarely on IT operations to expand their responsibilities for monitoring and troubleshooting performance issues outside of a controlled office setting and managed network.

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3 Key Takeaways from the Fintech.TV Interview

1) Why has Digital Experience Monitoring become a necessary discipline for IT operations groups at enterprise organizations?

“Employees working from anywhere have created huge challenges for IT operations groups. They are no longer in control of the ISPs or local networks where users are connecting to the cloud services they provide, yet they still have the full responsibility to support their digital experience.”

Carl Baumann, Managing Director

2) How do you help IT operations improve the productivity of end-users of Microsoft Teams, especially for the executive level?

“We built the OfficeExpert TrueDEM product from the ground up with the post-pandemic model in mind to help IT operations groups support the work-from-anywhere culture successfully. We provide them with the actionable insights to quickly address any performance issues.”

Ben Menesi, VP, Products & Innovation

3) How does your solution save time for IT operations doing investigations into performance problems for end-users?

“We can pinpoint problems within different segments of the digital journey for Microsoft Teams call traffic, from the endpoint device to the home network, to the ISP, to the Microsoft cloud data center.”

Ben Menesi, VP, Products & Innovation

FinTech.TV and NY Stock Exchange

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About OfficeExpert TrueDEM

With today’s work-from-anywhere culture, it’s important for IT operations to maintain visibility and oversight into all employees’ digital experience, no matter where they are working. OfficeExpert TrueDEM is a unique solution, gathering telemetry data directly from endpoint devices to track performance along all parts of the digital journey to the cloud services providers like Microsoft Teams.

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