“Mission accomplished – together”

Even when HQ records 35°C in Vienna, there’s no stopping panagenda employees giving it their all. Completing daily tasks in the office goes without saying. We mean in their free time. As you will know from past posts on our social media channels, participating in social group sports is important for those fortunate enough to share common interests – or for those willing to try new ones. In this regard, we interviewed Dominik Deutsch to find out how he felt about the most recent group activity: The Buchberg Challenge [German Website].

A different kind of run.

What’s so special about the Buchberg Challenge that you said you wanted to be a part of it?

After participating in the Vienna Business Run last year, many of us discovered a passion for running. Ever since we’ve tried to motivate one another to raise the bar in steady intervals. The Business Run with its 4 km was a neat intro. The Buchberg Challenge though, that’s a little more interesting. Having to overcome a muddy track with a distance of 12 km, an elevation of 300 meters and littered with over 20 obstacles, wet clothes were guaranteed. It was the perfect opportunity to take the dynamics of our team to the next level.

How did it come about?

The newest addition to panagenda (Bernhard) is also an organizer of the Buchberg Challenge. Naturally, we wanted to support him by putting together a few teams. It all came about quite quickly, preventing many motivated runners who had already booked holidays from participating. Even so, we managed to register at least one representative from almost every department. At first, some of us were hesitant to join. Having someone in the team that burns passionately for something and is willing to help out where possible though, was extremely encouraging. Bernhard assured us that together we could succeed, just like we always manage to do at work – and he was right.

Was there a moment where you regretted joining the challenge?

Personally, I was extremely keen because I’ve been wanting to participate in such a run for some time now and found the idea really cool. A week before the event we went to a practice course to get some insider tips from Bernhard. The next day we ached from head to toe and inside out, our bodies covered in bruises. It was humbling and for a brief moment, we considered what we had actually signed up for.

What encouraged you to go ahead anyway?

We said from the get-go that we’d join for the fun of it and if someone can’t go on, we’d just take a walk to the finish line. Considering we were a cool group, there was no doubt we’d have fun – in other words, there’s nothing that could go wrong.

Could you have finished without your team?

No, that was out of the question. It was only possible to register for the event as a team of three under motto “gemeinsam statt einsam”, which means as much as “all for one, and one for all”. We started the race as a team and we would finish the race as a team. We supported each other not only mentally throughout the race but also physically. About 50 meters before the finish line, an overhanging wall marked the final obstacle and our teammate already suffered from cramps. Together, two of us physically pushed him over the wall. The track announcer saw this and congratulated us on great teamwork. We all crossed the finish line with a smile on our face.

Was it worth all the effort, including training and preparation?

Absolutely. Even the timing was sensational because we’re now even more eager to participate in the next Business Run in two weeks. Even though each of us prepared for the event in their own way and each of us has their own weaknesses, we perfected the human ladder on the practice course. A hard act for others to follow.

Would you do it again?

We’ve already committed to next year’s race and I’m sure that we’ll be able to sign up even more teams to eagerly await the start signal at the starting line with us.

After all, is there anything more beautiful than to slide through mud with awesome colleagues at your side?