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OfficeExpert Use Case

Proactive Remediation for Teams Call Quality Issues

Enterprise organizations adopting Microsoft Teams quickly realize the crucial role of Teams call & meetings. A recent study from Microsoft across 31,000 workers, both front-line and knowledge workers, showed that, on average, time in calls & meetings has increased by 252% since February 2020, with the heaviest meeting users spending up to 7.5 hours a week in Teams meetings. No wonder that bad call quality can have a big impact on your users’ productivity and the overall success of your organization.
To address this, IT departments need better methods to track, identify, remediate and prevent call quality issues, so they can best support users in the office, at home, and when traveling.

Business Challenge for Identifying Teams Call Quality Issues

Cloud has revolutionized the way we work, where we work and how we work. What is often overseen is that this also has consequences on how organizations monitor their systems.

Traditional monitoring tools are optimized for data centers and centralized office locations, where employees access applications from managed corporate infrastructure. With today’s embracing of cloud and hybrid work, these tools no longer work. They lack the capabilities to do full holistic monitoring, with end-to-end visibility into each employee’s individual user experience, regardless of where they work.

The biggest challenge with identifying Teams calls quality issues relates to the lack of visibility into each endpoint device and Microsoft Teams client, both real-time and in retrospect. Especially for home office and traveling users. Addressing those requirements demands endpoint agents like OfficeExpert TrueDEM, that can collect, correlate and analyze all relevant data, such as computer specs and performance, together with traffic flows for each network segment and much more.

The data collected by OfficeExpert TrueDEM allows companies to identify areas of attention and areas of responsibility to remediate and prevent support tickets. It does so by providing the following information categories:

  • Hardware (e.g., Endpoint Device, Headset, Camera)
  • Software (e.g. operating system and Teams version)
  • Audio and Video Encoding
  • Rich and detailed statistics for every call (e.g. processes with high CPU consumption, Jitter, and much more)
  • Local Network (remote, external, and office)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Microsoft Cloud Network Segment Speeds (and distant location)
  • Microsoft Cloud Service Performance (Customer Tenant)

New Approach to Spotlight Call Quality Issues

OfficeExpert TrueDEM is the perfect – if not only – solution to comprehensively identify where network conditions, slow devices, issues from other call participants, and many other vital factors impact the end-user audio or video quality. It does so by gathering the right and necessary metrics for each user during Teams calls, covering all relevant elements along the journey that can affect the quality of the call.

For example, for each user and call, TrueDEM covers the computer performance, home networking speed, ISP performance, and the quality of the Microsoft cloud / data center segments. This holistic, segmented and correlated approach provides end-to-end visibility to quickly identify the cause of call quality issues even when users don’t actively report them. Preventing disgruntled users and productivity loss.

With a single-pane-of-glass overview and detailed call analytics for every individual call and participant, IT and Support can quickly identify users directly, or indirectly affected by underperforming equipment, slow networking, or unsupported headsets, to name just a few examples.

A live overview of currently ongoing calls per network gives you immediate insights into how many calls and meetings are being conducted, and which of them are impacted. From here, you can analyze live metrics of the ongoing calls. Allowing you to zero in on important calls and users, to quickly identify potential issues, and to fix them before the impact is felt or gets escalated.

In addition, full retrospective insights enable you to address any incidents reported after the fact, as well as identify patterns and trends.

Live call metrics for a participant in an ongoing call
Example: Live call metrics for a participant with high CPU issues in an ongoing call

Business Value Goals from Improved Call Quality Troubleshooting

Monitoring and fixing call quality issues fast and even proactively gives IT organizations the upper hand for achieving high satisfaction and productivity scores. Having the right comprehensive and correlated information enables them to quickly identify issues, act fast and to the point, prevent helpdesk tickets, perform preemptive remediation, and significantly shorten time to resolution.

All in all, panagenda OfficeExpert TrueDEM helps make the substantial amount of working hours your users spend in online Meetings & calls as trouble-free and productive as possible, whilst saving your IT and Support teams valuable time, and putting you into the driver seat for the best possible Microsoft Teams user experience.