Deploy an Early Warning System for Microsoft 365 Outages



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Microsoft’s track record in reporting outages is usually 30 – 60 minutes after you experience the downtime. Even when Microsoft sends out the report, you receive little information to identify the impacted data centers and services. This slows down the response time of your IT support teams to notify their helpdesk engineers with useful information such as call quality degradation for your employees in different geographies. What if you had an early-warning system?
OfficeExpert EPM provides you with a new approach to generate the insights required to react quickly when outages occur at Microsoft data centers around the world. IT support teams use this information to have your users reschedule their meetings or find different communication methods if those services are still available.

What you will learn

  • Service outage alerts for IT administrators
  • Detailed performance metrics for Microsoft data centers
  • Availability and performance trends for each workload

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