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Why device, WIFI, and ISP insights are crucial to supporting remote Microsoft 365 users



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In an era dominated by users working remotely from home or other different settings, understanding the intricacies of the user’s “last mile” – with what device, what peripheral equipment and HOW they connect to the office network or Microsoft 365 services – is critical for optimizing user experiences. Knowing that it’s the CPU being overloaded when your CEO is having trouble during that important Teams Call or that the accountant’s failure to connect to his files is caused by his home router, and not Microsoft 365 is crucial. In this webinar Christoph Adler delves into the significance of comprehending the entire remote user journey and the impact device health, local/home/remote networking have on the users experience and quality of service. Join us to learn how User Experience monitoring can help you be more effective and successful in supporting remote workers.

In this session we will talk about

  • How device Health and what’s going on on the remote devices directly influences user experience and overall productivity.
  • What you should know about the impact that diverse home networks, bandwidth, latency, network stability and ISP can have on successful remote connectivity.
  • The importance of the User’s Context: Understand why, with cloud, the only way to truly say anything about a user’s experience is if it’s done from the exact user context and location.
  • Real-life examples of Impactful Insights: Explore real-world examples showcasing the need for hardware replacements based on user requirements, efficient software/driver installations, and the challenges posed by high volatility in local/home/remote networks and environments.

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March 12, 2024

4pm CET | 11am EDT

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