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Why Teams Call analytics are critical to your entire business



Nothing is as frustrating and noticeable as being in an important call and being unable to see or hear the other person. Not surprising then, that issues with Teams calls are among the most common problems users call their helpdesk for. Having in depth insight into everything relevant going on at the user’s device, local network, ISP and Microsoft itself during the call is crucial for good Microsoft Teams Call quality support. To ensure a quick and adequate solution and to ensure your users get the most out of their Microsoft 365.
But did you know that ‘bad calls’ are also an excellent indicator of other problems arising? Precisely because it is so noticeable!? Like the canary in the mine, bad calls can be early indicators of problems. Problems that might otherwise not have been noticed for a while but can have a big impact on productivity and satisfaction.  
Join this session by Christoph Adler to learn how true Microsoft Teams call quality analytics helped other organizations troubleshoot bad calls and identify and fix problems that impacted Teams calls or the use of Microsoft365 in general.

See what it can do to keep your users happy and productive!

In this session we will cover

  • Why CQD data alone is not enough to troubleshoot call problems
  • The importance of attributing call problems to the right call participant
  • What call quality analytics can do to help you quickly find, fix-, and prevent problems
  • Why having retrospective detailed insights matters
  • Real life examples of how others have used Microsoft Teams call quality monitoring to problem shoot problems with their ISP, network, device health and more.

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March 12, 2024

4pm CET | 11am EDT

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Why Teams Call analytics are critical to your entire business

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