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Gain the most surprising insights into your Notes client infrastructure – from the comfort of your office



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Being a Notes Administrator or consultant can sometimes feel like walking through a very dark dungeon with a dim torch to guide you. Bad surprises are lurking everywhere, and luck alone won’t help you find them all before damage is done.

Life doesn’t have to be that way. Upgrade your dungeon with lights, cameras and finally get a map – with MarvelClient Analyze.

In this session you’ll learn the top 10 tips for understanding and improving your Notes infrastructure. Reap immediate benefits for you and your end-users. Early detection means that problems can be contained and fixed before they get out of hand. You will learn how to improve Notes client performance.

On top of your daily challenges, there are always special projects such as migrations and consolidation, modernization, upgrades and client standardizations. See how MarvelClient Analyze empowers you to be data-driven and make decisions based on facts. Your plans will be more accurate and you will be able to actually measure success.

Best of all, you can get a great deal of Analyze functionality for free with MarvelClient Essentials. You don’t need to own MarvelClient to apply what you learned right away. So, what’s stopping you?

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