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MarvelClient Upgrade: a smooth roll for initial HCL Notes installations



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MarvelClient Upgrade is fabulous for upgrading your HCL Notes clients. But did you know that you can leverage the same solution for the initial installs on new users, or new laptops?

Now you can collaborate easily with your software deployment team; you maintain a single package for all HCL Notes client deployments which they just use. Remove any confusion, alleviate all headaches, because you have got it covered.

In this webinar you will learn from HCL Ambassador and Senior Consultant, Christoph Adler  how the latest version of MarvelClient Upgrade keeps you in control of the entire installation process.

What you will learn

  • Leveraging a single upgrade package to perform both installs and upgrades
  • Maintaining consistency for new and existing devices by running the same HCL Notes client version
  • Deploying new fix packs with a single click
  • Integrating with other software deployment solutions

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