Next Level Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions: The Key to Elevate Work-From-Anywhere



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In this webinar, featuring guest speaker Will McKeon-White from Forrester, we are going to discuss why modernized digital experience monitoring solutions are necessary to ensure success for employees working remotely.  

According to a Vision Report from Forrester Research, 75% of CEOs surveyed said that they expect their office spaces to shrink as they embrace the work-from-anywhere culture change. Supporting employees while they work in a hybrid IT environment is a key challenge for most organizations.

To identify the most common performance issues with hybrid work, we surveyed over 100 companies. The results showed that organizations are facing several IT support challenges. The impacts of the work-from-anywhere culture are stressing IT support desks trying to provide employees with the best digital experience. And IT operations teams need telemetry data to proactively identify users with less-than-optimal performance so they can be addressed.

For instance, the 3 biggest challenges reported from a user’s perspective included managing projects, remote collaboration, and tracking tasks & productivity. IT Operations and employees rely on software tools and technology to be productive, which of course requires a positive digital experience for the end-user. Next level digital experience monitoring solutions are here to help.

You Will Learn

  • How IT Operations can achieve next level management by being proactive with Digital Experience Optimization
  • What are the best performance monitoring solutions for the ‘Last Mile’ of work-from-anywhere users
  • Which Digital Experience cases can only be solved with End-User-Experience tools
  • What the business benefits of improved Digital Experience for remote workers are
  • How to identify widespread performance issues for remediation

Hosted by

Will McKeon-White

Will McKeon-White