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Running HCL Notes on Citrix Just Got Easier. Installing & Upgrading with One Click!



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Many organizations around the world rely on Citrix/VDI to run their HCL Notes clients. However, getting it to work smoothly is difficult and tedious, not to mention the headaches caused during upgrades. Whether it is an initial install, a fix pack, or a new Notes version – there are lots of moving parts to coordinate manually.

There is an easier way! Join Christoph Adler in this session to learn how the MarvelClient Upgrade solution can turn your HCL Notes Citrix install process into the simple press of a button.

What you will learn

  • Creating install packages with a wizard requiring minimal input
  • Deploying to Citrix with a single click
  • Adapting and testing made ease with fast turnaround time
  • Using the same install / upgrade process for your non-Citrix clients

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