Provide a Continuous User Experience, Anywhere, Anytime

Increase Productivity and Reduce Startup Times, Network Traffic and Data Storage Costs

The modern working environment is complex. People on multiple devices and multiple platforms, making ample use of BYOD; with HCL Notes and HCL Nomad expected to work seamlessly on all of them. Under these circumstances, providing and managing a secure and continuous experience can take far more time, effort, and resources than IT operation teams can afford. Especially today, when budgets are tight.


Enable employees to work from anywhere with secure, frictionless experiences. MarvelClient Roaming combines multiple roaming features to help you maximize workplace availability and experience and build trust to empower today’s distributed workforce.


Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, save time, and strengthen security by streamlining roaming and massively reducing storage requirements.

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Push Forward with Powerful Roaming

Automate and simplify the provisioning, securing, management, and support of HCL Notes client configurations and devices. Keep your digital workplaces productive with best-in-class roaming and consistent multi-device workplace experiences.

Drive Innovation and Improve IT Agility

Significantly minimize roaming volume and frequency to reduce storage requirements, ensure consistent network performance across devices and locations. Maximize workplace availability and experience so people and teams can perform at their best.

Fully Integrated Experience

For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server (WTS), and VDI; on laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, and in the browser. The next evolution of modern roaming provides the intelligence, flexibility and speed to adapt to modern workloads without compromise.

Productivity by the Numbers


All client settings are stored in a sensationally small roaming set < 2MB including all user settings


Reduce network load up to 99% by synchronizing only what is needed. Also massively improves startup times


Cut storage requirements up to 95% by eliminating the need for data folders and reducing storage size <2 MB

Built-in Intelligence​

Deliver high-quality technology experience in a reliable environment, enabling anytime, anywhere workspaces.​

Smart Roaming

Unique filtering gets the entire HCL Notes and Nomad client configuration into a roaming set of 2-4 MB. Smart sync only transfers what has changed to reduce the footprint even more. Fast, reliable, and without compromises.

Zero Footprint

Minimal network load and tiny storage requirements are easy on your infrastructure. Impact on start and shutdown times is almost zero. It works so well you‘ll forget it‘s even there.

No interruptions

Roaming guarantees that users can just pick up where they left off. Device swap, refresh, or loss become a non-issue. When a user starts HCL Notes they find their client just as they left it, no matter what.

The Ultimate Citrix Experience

No remote data directories or long startup times. No laggy or crashing client due to network delay. Just pure, local performance for a perfect user experience.

Perfect for Nomads

With Nomad a continuous user experience is paramount. Users can reinstall the app, clear a browser cache, or start on a new device – and their configuration is there. Anywhere, anytime.

Hassle Free Hot-Desking

Sharing hardware is common on the store- or factory floor. Give employees their configuration on any device the moment they log in. Avoid unnecessary wait times or bad remote client performance.

Business Outcomes

Provide the right HCL Notes or Nomad client configuration, to the right person, at the right time

Providing the right remote technology and tools is just the beginning. For remote work to be effective, the experience must also be consistent.


When employees are forced to spend valuable hours waiting for system availability, searching for information and switching applications, productivity can quickly drop.


MarvelClient Roaming ensures that individual HCL Notes and Nomad configurations are reliably integrated on all clients used across the organization so employees can easily pick up right where they left off.

Empower Today’s Distributed Workforce

Ensure that your users can quickly and reliably access their individual HCL Notes and Nomad client configuration, regardless of device, location, or network. Even when the unexpected happens.

Minimize Business Disruption

Minimize desktop user downtime and free up IT-operations team‘s time with any hardware refreshment such as change of PC, Laptop or operating system.

Deliver a Great Startup & Shutdown Experience

Create the ultimate workplace experience with faster startup, shutdown and backup cycles while virtually eliminating the risk of freezes or crashes.

Simplify IT, Optimize Storage Management and Improve Operational Efficiency

End users expect their HCL Notes and Nomad client environment to be always on, always fast, automated, protected and available on demand. For businesses, this means that their data storage needs to do more than just store data.


MarvelClient Roaming is the fastest and most effective way to deliver both the workplace experience your employees demand and the operational efficiencies your IT administrators need.

Reduce Your Storage Capacity Requirements

Reduce storage capacity needs by up to 95% and lower storage costs with lightweight roaming sets. Simplify IT and maximize storage utilization, increase storage performance and flexibility and boost the return on your storage investments.

Gain Ease, Speed and Value for Your Network

Leverage intelligent roaming for maximum network capacity and smallest footprint, integrate the backup and recovery software of your choice, and enjoy seamless scaling for future needs.

Stay Ahead of Demand

As your workforce grows, MarvelClient Roaming scales with you and it becomes much easier to keep your business agile. It’s designed to adapt quickly and easily as needed. It will continue to work smoothly without putting any additional strain on IT.

Intelligent Roaming to Accelerate Your Business

Waiting for slow clients to start, calling help desk, fiddling with settings, and finding applications again: that‘s not the job you pay employees for. It creates frustration and loses money.


MarvelClient Roaming ensures that individual configurations are reliably integrated on all clients. Whether it is a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, whether Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or Citrix/WTS/VDI: MarvelClient offers decisive advantages over conventional solutions.


With MarvelClient Roaming your data works for you rather than the other way around.

Faster Time to Value

MarvelClient Roaming is ready to use in no time. Rapid improvements in performance, storage and usability will transform your roaming business from the moment you deploy it. It’s a breeze to use and at your request, our team will be happy to help speed up deployment.

Free Up IT Resources

Your IT operations team cannot deliver their highest value if they are tied up with routine tasks. MarvelClient Roaming allows your IT team to re-gain valuable time and better focus on and support strategic business initiatives.

Drive High-Quality User Experience

Faster start up times, uncompromising performance, and minimal downtime create an immersive experience and a culture of flexibility and choice that allows employees to do their best work anywhere, anytime.

Explore how MarvelClient will transform your business.

Integrates Seamlessly with VDI Solutions You Already Use


MarvelClient Roaming is the perfect high-performance match for Citrix environments


MarvelClient supports Intel macOS 64 bit

Industry validated. Client loved.

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