Multi-Geo licenses (available for Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint Online), allow your company to expand Office 365 to multiple geographical regions within your tenant.

Basically you “replicate” data between two or multiple datacenters, have them in sync and make it available to your end-users. This has the advantage that users can access their data from the nearest datacenter instead of from a central location that could be much further away.

If you’re interested in more information, this blog post by Sameer Sitaram (Microsoft) explains it quite nicely ‘Multi-Geo in Exchange Online and OneDrive‘.

Since this capability can require a substantial investment, one should first perform an analysis to determine if there is a need. End-users complain when their applications are slow. Opening a mailbox and accessing a certain SharePoint Site are just two examples. Imagine if you could verify accessing certain core applications were slow without first having users complain or having invested in Office 365 Multi-Geo licenses.

With OfficeExpert you can easily perform ongoing measurements from different geographical regions. You can see if performance for a certain location is deteriorated over time. You also have access to historical data which you can use for making decisions more effectively.

Having reliable data allows you to make a factual determination regarding your need for Multi-Geo licenses.

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