Hm … I tried to use an @Command([OpenDocument]) in an Action Button – @Formula just now and all I got was the error message “Cannot execute the specified command” after clicking on the hotspot … has anyone else ever encountered this and would know why this happens? I just couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t/shouldn’t work …

I then worked on a workaround in LotusScript using NotesUIWorkspace.Dialogbox and needed to Evaluate a Formula – everytime I use the Evaluate function, this part of the documentation makes me cry:

Optional. The name of a product object. Refer to the product documentation to determine if the macro requires an object, and what the object is.

I am in the product documentation, or not? – I’ve never seen any documentation as to whether a macro – in other words @Formula – requires an object and if so, which …

On the other hand I must admit that Designer help has saved me countless hours with its comprehensive examples and otherwise fantastic contents.


I agree this documentation could be clearer. It dates back to the days when we had multiple LotusScript implementations across different products. You will observe there’s a “feedback” link at the bottom of each help document. Please use it. This is what I generally do myself when I want to submit a correction.

As to why your @Command didn’t work — look at the context. Are you in a view? Is the document in question in the view?

Andre Guirard

Andre, you are right, I should have read that part of the documentation ^^ – it says

A database must be open to a document view and the view must contain the document you want to open.

I simply was not in a view but trying to call the @Command([OpenDocument]) from an action hotspot in a document.

And I’ll use the feedback link now, too.