panagenda is proud to announce this new release of ApplicationInsights 1.6, your guide through infrastructure transformation, IBM Notes database usage, source code, and design analysis.

This new version is a major release which includes a ton of new features, bug fixes and improvements big and small!

The most notable ones are listed below:

Design Complexity Reinvented

Understanding the complexity of database design is a big piece of the puzzle during a transformation process. What is the cost of modernization or migration vs. the risk and effort of operating databases that no developer has touched for years and years? Not only quantifying the complexity of an application, but being able to compare it to other databases is key. Some of those databases might already have been processed and can give a benchmark for calculating effort or cost.

This has resulted in a fundamental revision of our design complexity calculation: complexity categories are now defined based on the design complexity of specific reference templates, and it is now possible to modify the factors upon which computational complexity is based.

Business Intelligence Enablement

ApplicationInsights provides access to its extensive data warehouse through industry standard APIs by using panagenda’s DataMiner solution. This interface allows tools like Excel as well as business intelligence solutions such as Tableau or Power BI not only read the data, but integrate them on a continuous basis. In this new version the integration with DataMiner has been even more enhanced. Not only is it accessible directly from within the ApplicationInsights’ user interface, but the service will now be installed automatically when upgrading and additional data sources have been made available to DataMiner.

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

panagenda prides itself on listening to their customers and partners. This brilliant group of people speaks many different languages and hails from all over the world. Thus, we are proud to introduce a multilingual user interface with this new version.

The first additional language available will be German, since panagenda is headquartered Austria and Germany. An additional four or five languages are planned to be added soon. Among those will be European and Asian languages. Follow the panagenda blog for more details on this topic!

Knowledge Base!

We are proud to introduce the ApplicationInsights knowledge base! In it you will find documentation, technical articles, release notes and downloads around the solution.